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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Once you go down the retro path, you can never come back. Retro slot games are highly addictive in spite of their simplicity, and if you are looking for a trip down memory lane there is no better place to start. Supershots from Leander Games is a video slot game that will send you all the way back to the casino, but with an increased level of difficulty.

Supershots is a high-volatility challenge set on two different game levels. You can switch between the two at will and explore the beautiful, retro slot machine that takes up the whole screen. No need to expect free spins or bonuses here, Supershots is as old-school as can be. Let’s see what it means in our full review of the game.

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Pure Casino Style

Supershots is focussing solely on the reels, and nothing but the reels. As a matter of fact, the entire game screen consists of a single row of old-school slot machines. From the flashing buttons to the simple reels and graphics, everything is Supershots was designed to emulate a good, old-fashioned casino.

As a result, Supershots is probably going to appeal to a certain audience. Players with no real experience in an actual, land-based casino might not see the fun in sticking to such simple settings. Others will be sent a few decades into the past, and the trip promises to be challenging – as we will see in our next section.

Two Levels to Choose From

Playing Supershots consists of navigating the slot machine that stands in the middle of the screen, nothing more and nothing less. You will start on the lower reel set, with 3 reels and a single payline to bet on. The command buttons underneath will let you choose your wager, with the paytable displayed on top at all times. Whether you choose to bet up to 20 credits per turn, the paytable will light up to show your potential rewards.

Each win in Supershots gives you access to the gamble challenge, to get a chance to multiply your reward by 2 instantly. Otherwise, you have access to hold buttons under each reel as well, just like in the good old times. After putting enough credits into the bank, you can choose to switch to the upper reel set and gamble them further. This will cost you more, but the 3 reels there contain 5 paylines. Overall, Supershots is a high-volatility challenge that will prove difficult and exciting for all players, even the most experienced.

Classic Paytable

Needless to say that the paytable of Supershots is just as classic as the rest of the game. Most of the symbols are fruits such as lemons, oranges or grapes. The 7s and bells are rarer, as is the diamond. With up to 200 times your reward, this shiny jewel is the most valuable symbol in Supershots. It also plays the role of the wild card, which we actually didn’t expect to find in such a retro environment.

As far as bonus features go, Supershots is not particularly exciting. That being said, the main draw of the entire game is its base gameplay itself. Having the ability to hold reels, switch between two reel sets, gamble your rewards or place your wins in different banks, those are typical retro slot features. By bringing them back to life, Supershots is guaranteed to appeal to every single hard-core gambler out there.

Welcome to the Retro Family

Surfing the retro wave is a good option for slot game players. When you cannot come up with some new kind of bonus feature, the most obvious choice is to go the other way around and come back to the basics. Games like Retromania from Endorphina or Retro Reels by Microgaming are using the same strategy, even though neither of the two is as basic as Supershots in terms of gameplay.

Another branch of the retro family contains a bunch of dice-based slots. Games like 20 Super Dice from EGT stick to a very old-school atmosphere while offering players a high-variance challenge. This means that you can expect long periods without any wins there, followed by sudden big prizes when you least expect them.

Tough and Addictive at the Same Time

Supershots is a challenging and fun video slot game, but you should be warned that not every player will be able to appreciate it to its fullest. If you have some experience in a land-based casino, then Supershots will send you right back in an instant. The degree of realism in the game is really impressive, and that makes it just as addictive as an actual slot machine.

Needless to say that if you are in the slot game business for the free spins, the bonus rounds and other jackpots, Supershots is not going to cut it for you. Unless you are willing to try something radically different and see how you fare on a virtual slot machine.