Lionline Online Slots

Throughout the world, people look at Germany as the home of efficiency and quality engineering. In a host of different industries, German quality has been a source of national pride for centuries, with many scientific and technological fields relying on parts manufactured in the country because of their unparalleled reliability.

So why shouldn’t the gaming industry be the same? There are a number of excellent hardware and software providers with German origins that service the brick-and-mortar casinos of the world, and despite the lack of a fully regulated iGaming industry in the country, there are a few important players on the virtual side of things that claim roots from here as well.

One such firm is LIONLINE. Based in Bingen with offices in Strassburg and Dresden, this is a developer that claims to be taking the traditional aspects of German excellence and adding passion to the mix to create their portfolio. As a part of the Loewen Play group, which is heavily involved in the national land-based industry, this small group nonetheless has a fair bit of experience behind it.

When it comes to their online operations, the company has a small portfolio of games that resembles most of what you’ll see throughout the industry – just on a miniaturized scale. That means that while this might not be the best place for an operator to go if they want to start a brand new casino, they can definitely help bolster multiple sections of a games library.

Familiar and Reliable Package

LIONLINE has not produced a wide range of games, but the ones they have made seem perfect to serve as the core of a much larger operation. We say that because these titles treat in themes and concepts that are well-known throughout the gaming world – the kinds of ideas that we’ve seen again and again and have largely become fairly traditional throughout the gambling industry.

This starts with the company’s small portfolio of slot machines. There are about a dozen slots they license out to iGaming sites, and they generally use themes that are either classics or are well-worn and instantly familiar to just about any player. Graphically, these games tend to be relatively simple – featuring a classic look that has been updated slightly to prevent the art from looking dated – with a few exceptions that step up the quality of the art enough to look more like a typical, modern video slot.

Let’s start by taking a look at something that comes from that classic side of the fence, Golden Fruits. This five-reel, 11-line machine utilizes what might just be the single most common theme in the history of these machines: fruits of all shapes and sizes. Players are tasked with matching cherries, grapes, oranges, plums, and other sweet, all-natural treats, as well as the two other old-fashioned high paying icons: sevens and bells. This all takes place on a set of reels that is monotone black, though the backdrop throws some additional reds and yellows to liven up the screen a bit.

What’s particularly interesting here is that there aren’t really any special features that players can trigger during gameplay. The only thing that can happen is that after a win, the player can choose to participate in an optional gamble feature. Players can guess the color of a randomly drawn playing card to double their money, or predict the suit in order to quadruple their prize.

A similarly classic design is at play in Hot Wheels. It’s a three-reel, five-payline machine that follows the same general format that we described in Golden Fruits. In fact, most of the symbols are exactly the same, with fruits giving out the modest wins and bells, stars, and sevens providing bigger prizes. In order to win prizes, players must match a full three-in-a-row on any of the game’s five paylines, with no exceptions. Just like in the other game, there are no wilds, no special features (outside of the gamble option), and really no complications at all, making these games ideal for the old-fashioned slots player but perhaps a bit too simple for those who like the typically feature-rich slots put out by most providers these days.

If you’re looking for something a bit more complex, the pirate-themed Treasure Island may be a bit more your speed. This five-reel, 11-payline option offers up a look and feel that will be familiar to veteran players, with a combination of low-paying poker ranks and higher-payout thematic icons, such as parrots, maps, ships and captains.

Unlike the above titles, however, this game does offer up some bonus features. For instance, there is a skull that acts as a wild, helping to substitute in for other icons in order to complete winning lines. Additionally, there’s a wheel symbol that can trigger a free spins round, as well as an additional treasure chest bonus, giving this machine a complete array of features.

There are a few more titles that are offered up by LIONLINE, but these are largely like the ones described so far. It’s a mix of some simple games with traditional themes and some five-reel video slots that offer up at least a little gameplay variety, though they’re hardly the most advanced games around, either. A few other options include:

LIONLINE has also created a small selection of additional games that they can offer up to their clients to help fill out a complete casino, or at least a basic version of one. When it comes to table games, both blackjack and roulette are offered, and the software here provides for several different types of tables that are aimed at players of different budgets, from general tables to those that are just for VIP members. In addition, there are some scratch card games that are perfect for those users who just want to get a quick bet in.

A Full Service Provider

While LIONLINE may have a small games library, they can provide a lot more than that to their clients. The company is known for offering a number of services to operators, which can help get new casinos off the ground quickly.

The company can design individual games for prospective clients, or make a flexible content management system that can serve as the basis for a fully-fledged gambling site. Like most platform creators, they can offer up systems that allow for player management and payment processing, but they also have some more unique offerings: for instance, they can rent out their infrastructure to give operators a cheap way in which to use their systems in order to launch a new site.

So far, however, all of these services have only been applied to a limited set of partners. LIONLINE games can only be found at a few sites on the market today, and one of the most notable – Lapalingo Casino – is one that they have designed themselves.

More Notable For Behind the Scenes Work

The LIONLINE games collection is certainly not the most impressive one on the market today. Not only is it very limited in terms of quantity, but the slots and other offerings are pretty run-of-the-mill at best. Almost everything we’ve seen from them is of rather high quality, but the actual gameplay features and presentation are decidedly average. If you run across these games at an online casino, it’s unlikely any of them would grab your attention, and you might not even notice them when set against games from some of the larger providers.

Where this firm really shines is in the services it offers to prospective casino owners, where there are some unique and rather flexible options for clients. Unfortunately, this doesn’t matter all that much to players, who are more interested in the content these companies provide than what they can accomplish behind the scenes. While it is true that LIONLINE might be able to power a site that you’ll find meets your needs, chances are you won’t be going out of your way to play their games anytime soon.