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While the early days of the online gambling industry saw the market function a lot like the Wild West – lawless and without any effective oversight – that’s not the case today. The modern industry is one that is strongly regulated in many countries, something that typically provides a lot more safety and confidence for players, and a situation that operators and software providers can benefit from as well, at least after making the adjustment to the rules they’re supposed to play under.

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In fact, many quality developers only license their games out to play in regulated markets, preferring to stay entirely on the right side of the law in every country that they operate. For some of these groups, that means that they aren’t necessarily well-known throughout the world, even though they do good work in the places where they are active.

A great example of this is Magnet Gaming. The company was formed in 2014 as a subsidiary of CEGO, a group that runs licensed casinos and develops games in Denmark. CEGO is majority owned by Danske Spil, the national lottery of Denmark and the operator of the primary regulated online gambling site in the country.

That’s one of the few places where you’ll find Magnet Gaming’s collection of slot machines on the Internet, with a couple other regulated options in the country also carrying their games (along with at least one in Belgium as well). With a commitment to quality products in regulated European markets, this may never be a particularly large player in iGaming, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be interested in their games should you get a chance to play them.

Magnet Gaming Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Baker’s Dozen of Slots

At the time of this writing, Magnet Gaming has only developed a total of 13 titles, all of which are slot machines. It’s one of the smallest collections out there, but that often means that a lot of care was put into each individual title. Sure enough, even a quick scan of the games they’re developed shows that these are polished projects with interesting themes, some of which have garnered a lot of attention from players who have had the opportunity to try them out.

For instance, one of the group’s most popular slots is The Vikings: Wheels of Valhalla. This five reel, 11-line slot machine uses an interestingly low-detail, blocky graphical style that still manages to be attractive and distinctive all the same. Set against a backdrop of a Norse wilderness (with cute butterflies floating around the screen), the game is filled with Viking chants and rocking guitar riffs. Combine that with symbols like beers, swords, helmets and meats, and you definitely have a game fit for any Norse warrior.

The gameplay features plenty of surprises as well: from wilds that expand to cover entire reels to three bonus rounds that will have you plundering gold, journeying over dangerous seas, or traveling through dark forests. There’s also a respin after every win, with these extra chances coming with ever-increasing multipliers.

Another very entertaining machine is Inspector. While it doesn’t use the name or any particularly obvious versions of the character, this appears to be a game that is looking to evoke the feeling of an old Sherlock Holmes story. Set against an old-fashioned city with cobblestone streets (and the occasional rain storm – a nice touch we think adds a lot of life to the scene), this slot is set up in an interesting 3×3 layout, where players can win by making three in a row in any direction – just like playing tic-tac-toe.

Players spend the game matching lots of potential evidence: pistols, poisons, money, crowns, and more. But there are also several different bonus rounds: one in which you’re looking to gather evidence to put a criminal away, another in which you’ll be trying to catch a thief by following him through the city, and one more where you’ll work through an archive of old cases. This machine also features the same respin multipliers as The Vikings, a feature that always offers the potential for winnings that can cascade into massive rewards.

The 3×3 format is a common one at Magnet Gaming. Another title that utilizes it is Auction Day, a machine set in the back room of an auction house where valuables are stored. You’ll be matching trinkets, statues, rings and more in the hopes of collecting some big prizes – especially because, once again, you can respin every time you win with a big multiplier. There are multiple bonus rounds on this machine, too: you might go on a hunt for antiques, collect some coins for instant prizes, or head to an auction and hope to sell your items for as much money as possible. Each of these machines also comes with two jackpots: a normal “jackpot” and a much larger Super Jackpot, both of which are awarded at random during gameplay.

Along with these three examples, there are ten more titles that feature similar gameplay elements, most of which fit into that 3×3 format described above. Rather than just picking out a few, here’s the entire list of games we haven’t talked about yet:

Well Regarded, Highly Trusted

Given that Magnet Gaming isn’t all that prolific throughout the gaming world as a whole, you might think they would be likely to be overlooked when it comes time to give out awards. But their products have made enough of an impression to catch the attention of industry insiders.

In both 2015 and 2016, the company was nominated for Slot Provider of the Year for the eGaming Review B2B Awards, a prestigious honor considering the small size of their portfolio. The Vikings: Wheels of Valhalla was even nominated for Game of the Year in 2016, showing just how impressed players and operators alike have been by their products.

When you really stop to think about it, though, this isn’t a surprise at all. Magnet and CEGO have always held themselves to high standards: exactly what you’d expect to see from a company that has prided itself on developing a small number of quality titles for strongly regulated markets. Few developers can boast this level of professionalism, something that should allow players to put a lot of trust into the fairness, safety, and overall entertainment value of these games.

Quality Products That Are Becoming Easier to Find

Without a doubt, we can say that Magnet Gaming puts together some very strong slot machines. They have plenty of interesting features, unique and attractive themes, and polished gameplay that make them equal to just about anything else on the market today. There have only been two knocks against this collection: that it is very small, and that it has been difficult to find, since the firm only works in very selected markets.

There’s not much that’s going to change about the size of their portfolio anytime soon: while we’re sure that Magnet will continue to make new games, this won’t be the core of a full site in the near future. On the other hand, it does seem likely that players in other jurisdictions will soon get the chance to enjoy more of these machines. Not only has the company expressed an interest in jumping into more regulated markets such as the UK, but they have also suggested that they might offer up games to some well-regulated operators in places like Gibraltar and Malta.

If that does happen, these games might soon be available throughout the world, greatly expanding the reach of this software. And if that is the case, we highly recommend that you check these games out as soon as they become available to you.

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