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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Every day is baking day when you’re spinning the reels of Magnet Gaming’s culinary-themed 3-reel slot. Baking Day is a feature-filled game that contains all the ingredients that make for an entertaining and enriching experience: sharp graphics, smooth animations, bonus features and progressive jackpots.

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What’s Cooking?

Thematically, the action all takes place in the kitchen, whose green tiles and hardwood counter form the backdrop against which the symbols are placed. These are the ingredients that you’re expected to combine to create cupcakes and all manner of other goodies. There are specific recipes to follow as part of the game’s main bonus feature, but we’ll get to them shortly.

For now, just know that Baking Day is one of the cutest slots you’re likely to set eyes on in some time. It’s not that the graphics are out-of-this-world extraordinary; rather, it’s more a case of the game almost positioning itself as an anti-slot: everything about it has been designed to contradict the rules of designing video slots. The minimalistic aesthetics make this feel less like a fruit machine and more like the sort of fun game you’d play on your tablet while lounging on the sofa on a Sunday morning.


Despite its minimalistic layout, all the essential game controls are present and accounted for. They occupy a row that runs across the bottom of the screen, superimposed over the kitchen drawers. There’s a gearwheel icon to click on which allows you to adjust the game level. The level is simply Magnet Gaming’s means of controlling the bet per spin. This can be set anywhere from 0.20 (level 1) to 10 (level 10). For convenience, there are buttons marked Auto Spin and Max Bet.

The game’s 8 paylines, which run horizontally, vertically and diagonally, are active at all times. A 3×3 layout is used, with 3 matching symbols in a row required to win. The other button worth mentioning is the home symbol. Clicking on it will allow you to top up your credits and to view the paytable. One of the best things about Magnet Gaming’s slots is that they’re accompanied by detailed playing guides that eliminates all uncertainty about how to go about relieving them of their riches.

Two Progressive Jackpots

The 3-reel slot, which has an RTP of 96.5%, boasts not one but two progressive jackpots – a regular pot and a super jackpot. The starting point for the former is 500 and 10,000 for the latter, but these numbers will swell as players add to their value. For a 3-reel slot, the money to be scooped from Baking Day is pretty impressive. Who needs 5 reels?

Of the various symbols to be matched on the reels, all of which are ingredients of some kind, strawberries are the lowest value, worth 1,000 credits for 3, and yeast is the most valuable at 8,000. There’s a wild symbol, which will substitute for any of the regular playing symbols and, most enticingly of all, there are 4 separate bonus features to activate.

Bonus Games

Game Flash is the first bonus game, activated by landing 3 Game Flash symbols on a payline. The Recipe, the second bonus game, is activated by 3 Recipe symbols on a payline and remains active for 25 spins. During this feature, you’ll be shown a recipe which you’ll be expected to follow by hunting down the ingredients as they land on the reels. If you’re shown Recipe 3, there’ll be an opportunity to win the jackpot. Activate Recipe 3 again and you could potentially land the super jackpot.

Cupcake Tower is the third of the bonus games, activated by landing 3 Cupcake Tower symbols on a payline. The feature obliges you to eat as many cupcakes as possible, plucking them from a cake stand. You’ll earn anywhere from 1,000 – 5,000 credits for each cake you scoff. The final bonus feature, Cake Decorator, mandates 3 of these symbols on a payline, after which you’ll be tasked with icing a cake in the colours of your choice.

Can You Stand the Heat?

Baking Day is a simple but expertly executed slot that’s a whole lot of fun to play. Thanks to the variety of bonus features and a never ending array of ingredients that cascade onto the 3 reels, there’s rarely a dull moment in this highly entertaining slot from Magnet Gaming.