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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Looking out for the bad guys and piecing together clues isn’t a job for just any inspector, it’s a job for Inspector Clueless. Despite what his name tells you, this sleuth knows a thing or two about solving mysteries, just sometimes it takes him slightly longer than anticipated.

This 3-reels real cash slot may have the dynamics of an old school game, but it’s anything but; from its graphics to its gameplay, it’s designed to be a hard hitting slot machine that can entertain you for hours. That is if you can get past the high volatility of the title, which shouldn’t be underestimated.

Inside the small street in which the inspector is surveying, there are several bonus rounds, and the chance for some considerable payouts. This is provided your starting fee meets the demands of the paytable, of course.

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Under the Cover of Night

As we’ve already mentioned, the location of this game is a quiet Parisian street, during the dead of night, with only a lamp to light the way. This is where you’ll find our hapless hero, studying the crime scene, and easily overlooking vital evidence until the last minute.

The graphics employed here remind us of the Pink Panther cartoons; the animations involved are far more advanced, but the texture and atmosphere is still the same. Even the name of the title sounds very similar to Inspector Clouseau, which surely can’t be a coincidence.

Multiple Possibilities

Inspector Clueless has plenty of unique features, however some of them are easier to see than others, like the free spin and multiplier that comes after a win. Even though it sounds too good to be true, you will experience this after every win, or that‘s at least what happened to us.

You’ll see that above the grid there’s a x1 icon in the middle of the two jackpots available; when a win is made, the multiplier will glow yellow and will be increased by 1. Then, should you make another win, the tally will once again grow, however should you lose then it will be reset. During our playthrough, we never got the multiplier higher than x2, but that isn’t to say we experienced no fun from having had that extra spin each time we made some cash.

You might have seen it for yourself, or maybe you’ve taken the time to look at the paytable, but however you’ve found it, you’ll know there are four special symbols. Three of them take you straight to the corresponding rounds, while the fourth acts as a selection process between the other three and some cash prizes.

Game Flash is your wheel of fortune styled selection, while Case File is about gaining momentum on the case by collecting clues when you spin. Then you have The Suspects which, as you’ll have probably guessed, is all about fingering the right perps for the crimes listed. Finally, you have Stop Thief! a cat and mouse style pursuit mini level, where you track down the crooks that got away.

As a whole, the variance offered here is second to none; users are given a great many number of ways of exploring the entertain value of Inspector Clueless, and while the game isn’t easy to win, it’s easy to play.

Levelling with You

No matter whether you’re a play for real or demo kind of user, you’ll have likely seen the Level indicator at the bottom of the screen; when we loaded up the title it started on 4, but it can be reduced further. This is essentially the size of your stake, with level 10 being the highest punt of them all.

To set your total, click the cog symbol next to the spin widget, and two sets of arrows will appear to help you alter the fee.

The Game Is Afoot!

Inspector Clueless has a lot of entertainment value, and so it’s a slot machine you’ll never tire of too quickly. That being said, the volatility is rather steep, so be prepared to put in the hours to find the criminals or resign yourself to a different career choice.