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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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How crazy does a game with crazy actually get? The answer is ‘very’ in the case of Crazy Slots thanks to Mazooma’s provision of 4 miniature slots built into 1 game. That’s pretty cray.

There’s no hyperbole when it comes to Crazy Slots: this game is bona fide mental. Its developer, Mazooma, are aptly named, for ‘zoomer’ is a pejorative often used to dismiss nutjobs and other weirdos. You don’t have to be strange to play this game however – just a little curious to see how on earth the 4-in-1 model will pan out. Cartoon fruit are the characters who appear on the reels – all 12 of the reels, for each miniature set is a 3-reel riot just waiting to happen.

There’s not much to look at behind the reels – just a tomato red background – but then there doesn’t need to be. All eyes will be firmly fixed on the mayhem that’s unfolding across 4 separate slots. There’s no soundtrack for this game; just a series of swooshing sounds as row after row of fruits appear on the reels. As it transpires, these reels don’t spin; instead a row of 3 fruit will appear in the top display and it’ll be your task to assign them to the slot that they’ll go with best. This is Candy Crush on steroids.

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The game features 3 reels – 4 x 3 reels to be precise – with 5 paylines each. The bet can be set at between 0.50 and 100.00 using the green plus and minus symbols at the bottom of the screen. There’s a max bet button for convenience but no autospin; keeping tabs on 4 sets of reels simultaneously is a full-time job that’s best handled manually.

Displayed on the blackboards above the reels is paytable information detailing the points to be won per payline. The lowest value symbols are cherries, lemons and oranges as you’d expect, while melons, red stars and blue 7s are worth 60 for 3 of a kind.

Towering above them are bells, which are worth 120 for 3. To activate the Crazy Feature, look out for the symbol branded with the Crazy Slots logo. The blackboard in the top right of the screen features columns marked Points and Prizes. The starting level for a prize is 100 points. What this means is that you’ll need to score fruity wins worth a minimum of 100 points on the 4 slots to be awarded a win. Unless you land 3 bells in a row, you’ll certainly need at least 2 winning combinations to reach that critical 100-point threshold. Thank goodness you’ve got 4 sets of reels on which to achieve that feat.


The Sisyphean (almost impossible!) task that involves trying to land winning combos on 4 sets of reels simultaneously is more than enough to be going on with, so it’s no surprise that Crazy Slots doesn’t have much by way of features. There is one though, activated when you land 3 Crazy Slots symbols on a payline. At this stage, that particular slot will start to spin – the only occasion when the reels actually spin in this game – and you’ll be awarded the value of any winning combinations generated.

Crazy Slots is a mightily confusing game upon first inspection. After a few spins it soon starts to make sense however, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked. In the base game – though to call it that is doing it a disservice – look out for a particular slot flashing. This is the game providing hints on where to drop the next set of 3 symbols. Once you’ve filled all 12 positions available, you’ll be awarded a prize if you’ve succeeded in generating any 3 of a kind wins.

Like a crazy Candy Crush!

Credit to Mazooma for creating a genuinely original and inventive slot. You could play slots at casinos for years without encountering a game as out there as Crazy Slots. This game is worth tracking down just so you can say “I played it”.

Crazy Slots is Candy Crush with attitude and real money on the line and it’s a deranged beauty of a game.

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