MGA Online Slots

While many companies in the gaming industry have become very specialized in a particular area of expertise, others are more complete gambling firms, while some even go further, offering up a variety of entertainment products for gamblers and general audiences alike. Some of the most interesting casino games continue to come from this last group, as they may take their expertise in other areas and translate it into different types of products that are unlike the typical games usually seen at iGaming sites.

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One company that has done just that is Grupo MGA. Since they were founded in 1976, MGA has grown to become one of the largest entertainment and gaming firms in all of Spain. While they offer plenty of machines and devices for land-based casinos in the country, they are also known for their entertainment centers that are family-friendly and feature arcade games, bowling alleys, restaurants and more.

More recently, the company has also moved into the iGaming sector. This was a natural extension of their offerings, particularly since the Spanish government legislated the regulation of online gambling in 2011. With one of the largest gaming populations in the world, Spain offers an enticing market for any provider, and MGA games can now be found at some of the top licensed sites in the country.

MGA Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Slots and Bingo Games Make Up Collection

Like many providers, the MGA collection begins with a range of slot machines. What is interesting here is that these games tend to be three-reel slots, which is very different than the direction that most of the industry has gone in. This gives these titles a bit of a retro feel when set against the popular five-reel games that are offered by just about everyone else.

But while the gameplay style might be that of an older era, the graphics and presentation are a bit more modern. Most of these machines feature a cartoonish aesthetic, though we were surprised how much it diverged from the family-friendly reputation we had for the company, as the cover images for almost every title they’ve produced feature scantily-clad women (clearly designed to appeal to male gamers). But the overall look and feel is definitely distinctive, colorful, and with plenty of attention to detail. These are professional products, and the presentation reflects this.

Let’s dive into a few of these slots to get an idea of what we’re dealing with. One popular game is Bucaneros, a pirate-themed machine that is played on a three-reel, single line screen. The goal is to make three of a kind while matching diamonds, fruits, and bells, all of the classics of the genre. There are also bonus symbols that can provide instant rewards, while wilds make it easier to score wins across the game’s only payline.

However, this machine is more like a UK fruit machine than a traditional slot. That means that you’ll also have the occasional opportunity to take advantage of nudges and holds. Nudges can allow you to move symbols from above the winning line into place to help complete combinations, while holds allow you to respin while keeping one or more reels in place. These features add a bit of decision-making to the gameplay, making them more interesting to many players who get bored of more typical slots.

Similarly, Champion Slots is another machine with the three-reel, single line format, this time with a football (or soccer) theme. The layout is quite similar to Bucaneros, with the player having the option to bet one, three, or five credits per spin. The symbols are also the same, with the exception of a couple thematic ideas: flaming balls that provide instant bonuses, and trophies that act as wilds. As players collect their bonus credits, they can use them in an enhanced version of the machine that features eight lines, including different symbols and payouts. It’s a fun feature, and combined with multiple special bonus rounds that feature strikers scoring goals, women streaking across the field, and pick ‘em style games that offer instant prizes, there’s a lot to discover in this machine.

It’s worth noting that not all of the games from MGA are three-reel machines. Vampire Treasure is one of the company’s limited selection of five-reel options, a ten-line game that features (you guessed it) a classic vampire theme. The goal is simple – match symbols from left-to-right across the reels, with icons ranging from the ever-present poker rank symbols to castles, vampires, coffins and more. The male vampire is a wild symbol that can come with his own prizes, and hitting three or more of him can trigger a free spins round. It’s a pretty basic setup, but it’s still nice to see the group branch out from its bread-and-butter style.

These are just a few of the 20 different slots that are offered up by this developer. It isn’t the largest collection, but it covers a wide range of themes from across the world, even if they tend to be pretty broad and shallow. A few more games we enjoy from this provider include:

Interestingly, the largest portion of the games that have been created by MGA come in a different form: what the company calls “video bingos.” These are products that should be familiar to anyone who has spent enough time bouncing around at different online casinos, as they offer up four tickets on which players are hoping to make patterns from a group of randomly selected balls that will be drawn every time they play.

For instance, in Candy Bingo, you’ll be playing with cards that each have 15 positions in a 3×5 grid. Once you’ve set your bets, 30 numbers are drawn, and you can win prizes ranging from small awards for hitting a single line to a huge payout for filling out an entire card (the proverbial “bingo”). If you hit a full card on the 30th number, you can win a jackpot, and extra numbers can be purchased for additional credits if you’re close to scoring a win. There are also a few bonus rounds that can be triggered for hitting certain high-end patterns.

These games are light fun: they don’t take any real thought to play, but they contain some thrills when you’re close to winning a big prize, and the payouts can be big on a particularly lucky draw. A few of the other themes explored in this genre are:

Limited Availability, But Trusted Partners

As we’ve already mentioned, MGA operates inside of the regulated – and segregated – Spanish market, which means that if you don’t live there, you’re probably not all that familiar with their games. It also means that for gamblers in most of the world, there’s no real reason to become familiar with these titles, as you’re unlikely to run into them anytime soon.

But if you are planning to play online in Spain, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with quality products here. As we talked about at the top, this is a firm that has a 40 year history of providing quality machines for gamers of all kinds, and there’s no reason to suspect that isn’t the case in their iGaming operations.

In addition, there are definitely advantages that come when dealing with a group that only works in a single regulated market. Both they and the operators they license their games out to are subjected to plenty of oversight, ensuring that these games are fair and then players can expect a quality experience when they play at these sites. And if any problems do crop up, there are clear remedies for users, thanks to the government regulators who are tasked with keeping the industry in line.

Small Selection of Quality Products

Because they only offer a relatively small number of games – with no table gaming options to be found – it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see MGA as the basis for an entire casino site, at least in its current incarnation. This is a narrow range of products that fill a specific role for an iGaming website, and that’s it.

But that doesn’t mean that the games aren’t worthwhile. We were intrigued by the focus on three-reel machines: the fact that they are one of the few developers actively working on such games make them stand out from the other “classic slots” that are seen from many other companies. We also liked that these were more akin to fruit machines, a fascinating offshoot of traditional slot machines that are rarely produced anymore.

Overall, this is a line of games that are well worth checking out if you’re looking for something a bit different from the majority of what’s out there on the market today. These titles aren’t going to be particularly interesting to slots players who love having tons of paylines and five-reel formats, and the bingo games are also pretty tilted towards casual players. But if you’re willing to give their collection a try, you might just be surprised by what you find here.