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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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By now, most hardcore slots fans will have heard of MGA, as the once low-key slot game developer has been churning out titles at a rate of knots as of late. While the sheer turnover of the developer is clear, what isn’t quite as clear is the level of quality at hand.

Some have begun to doubt the quantity over quality approach that MGA has adopted. Attempting to put matters back on the right track, they have created Africa, a game that is working to bring players a taste of the exotic jungles of the world.

Let’s be honest, you have would have had to have been living under a rock to not see that Africa in general is a pretty commonly used real money slots game theme. Pretty much every online casino software developer has had a crack at it in the past. So, how does the latest MGA offering stand up? Is the aptly titled Africa worth a try?

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Stop Monkeying Around!

No offence intended to MGA, but you have to ask what exactly they were thinking when they created to the load screen for this game, as it contains some the freakiest looking 3D monkeys we have ever seen. They look awful and weirdly have no link to the actual UI of Africa.

Thankfully, things are much improved once the game as loaded, as it looks cartoonish yet at the same time incredibly well designed. The sheer attention to detail here is nothing short of immense, with the backdrop of the game being made up of jungle scenery.

Swinging Through the Greenery

The impressive look of this game continues onto the symbols, as they all appear to have been carefully crafted. All low value symbols have been given a jungle makeover, while the additional icons take the form of various jungle animals.

Considering that other developers have failed to grasp what a jungle themed slots title should be about, our hats are off to MGA, as Africa looks fantastic.

As Predictable as the Tide

Pretty much every MGA game adopts the same play gameplay mechanics, which means that players really have the choice to either take it or leave it. From the reels perspective, it’s your classic 5-reel, 10-payline affair, with there being little in the way of surprises here. For some players this level of familiarity will be a good thing, for others it just won’t be enough to ensure replay value.

Africa is a medium variance game, which means the big wins are a challenge to grab, with wagers starting at 10.00 and going all the way up to 300.00. The top payout for Africa is 150,000 credits, which is what you’ll secure if you land five explorers in a single combination. The prizes are bumper to say the very least, but Africa has gameplay that is more or less just average.

Plucking the Low Hanging Fruit

Gameplay wise, Africa is missing that certain something, but the game does manage to turn a corner within its special features. Now, there is nothing unique here, just so you’re aware, but does include a few elements that boost the gameplay experience.

Wilds are in play at all times, with these symbols having instant credit rewards, along with the potential to link you to a bumper winning combination. On top of this, the game also throws in a few scatter symbols too, along with a very basic multipliers driven bonus round.

When you weigh up the bonus features in Africa, while there is a distinct lack of originality, there a still a few things here that players will be able to get a real kick out of.

Take in the Sights and Sounds of the Jungle with Africa!

Africa is a real money slot that is boom or bust, as the design is show stopping, but what stands behind hit is anything but. You can’t help but crack a smile when you look at the UI, as it has the cheeky charm that so many other online slots titles are missing.

The issue is that this isn’t capatlised upon as far as gameplay is concerned, as actually playing this game is borderline boring at times.

Alas, after putting Africa through its paces, we are pretty much left wondering about what might have been. It’s a real money slot we would recommend to other players, but we don’t believe that it represents MGA’s best work as a developer.