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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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It appears that these days, along with the usual mainstream online slot game developers, a certain name keeps cropping up in our inbox.

The production line of MGA appears to be in overdrive right now, as the company is dropping new games left right and centre in 2016. As the year draws to a close, it appears that they have yet another release in the pipeline, with this one embracing a very different theme from the norm.

Amazons is a real money slots game that transports players to a world of women warriors, of which all tap into the “Amazonian” women stereotype. To be honest, this is something we have never seen before, which is probably why the game jumped off the page.

The premise of Amazons is certainly something out of left field, but does a big in stature game experience match the larger than life characters it features? The answer to that question is still somewhat up for debate and here’s why.

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Within the Land of Giants

When it comes graphics and design, MGA has come along leaps and bounds as of late. From the shoddy games of the past, pretty much every MGA title now has high quality production values and a HD overlay. Amazons and is no different, and if we’re being honest it is one the best-looking MGA titles to date. To the right of the screen you’ll see an Amazonian woman standing tall, with the open sea situated behind her. This image alone sets the tone for what the game is all about, as the frame of the reels are coated in bronze.

The symbols in Amazons work to take the UI of the game to new heights, as they’ve received the same amount of design attention. With the theme that it has, the design for this game could have been borderline ridiculous, but MGA have remained focused long enough to create a great looking title in Amazons.

Swords and Shields at the Ready

MGA tends to implement the same gameplay elements within pretty much every game they produce, so the 5 reels and 10 paylines are out in force with Amazons. History tells you that you can only really go far with this kind of setup and that proves to be the case here. While the game looks great, the act of playing it just doesn’t deliver the same buzz.

Prize and payout wise, Amazons is a low variance title, as it likes to dish out payouts little and often, while being based around a min/max bet structure of between 10.00 and 300.00. The top jackpot within this real money slot is 5,000 coins, which isn’t a huge figure, but it certainly isn’t a payout to be sneezed at. When it comes to low volatility games it is a case of what you see is what you get, with that very much being the case with Amazons.

Warriors Ready for War

Count your blessings, as MGA has finally decided to tweak the bonus options within one of its games. Amazons features wild and scatters, but they appear to have been altered in order to ensure that they have a little more oomph than usual.

This is the scatter and wilds, which are fused together as one in this game, so when you find one you get the proverbial “double bubble”. Making easy winning combinations and handing out free spins at the same time, this symbol has another element that players should be aware of. This is because it is an expanding wild when found during a free spin round.

Slotting into Place

It is also worth noting that MGA have corrected mistakes related to controls that are found within a few of its other games. Long gone are the misplaced controls that looking totally different from the game in question. Here the control panel, which features the usual buttons in blue hues, fits right into the Amazons experience.

Amazons Delivers Slots Action on Super-Sized Scale!

This game could have been an absolute disaster for MGA, as the theme is off the wall, but thankfully it proves to be more or less the opposite. Amazons may not be a 5-star game, but it certainly runs close, as this is clearly a great real money slots release. The theme is excellent; the bonus features have been impressively tweaked, and the gameplay is at least on par with other MGA releases.

Reel for reel, Amazons is a game that is certainly worth a try!

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