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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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MGA as a developer seems to have its hands in many “pies”, as it is seemingly want to be seen as a new age game creator with a classic touch.

Meshing together classic play with modern flare is by no means easy, but given its back catalogue its fair to say that MGA have made a fairly good job of it in the past. While its back catalogue of titles tends to speak for itself, a developer can only ever be as good as its last game. In this case that game is La Mina de Oro, a Spanish infused release that transports players directly into the gold mines of the region.

What MGA has tried to recreate with La Mina de Oro is the look and feel of a classic amusement arcade game. With this in mind, you already know that this game is going to play with a pretty strict framework in mind. So, does La Mina de Oro deliver classic play at its most golden? The following review tells the true story of this new MGA release!

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All That Glistens Is Not Gold

What’s particularly odd about this game is that its name doesn’t give too much about the game, at least to those who don’t speak Spanish. After running it through an online translator, we discovered that “La Mina de Oro” loosely translates to “Gold Mine”. The game is supposedly set within a gold mine, but you really wouldn’t be able to tell this from the visuals. From a theme perspective, the game is largely a hit or miss affair, as it just doesn’t commit to one aspect or another consistently.

The biggest issue we have with the UI of La Mina de Oro is that it is way too busy for its own good. We can never understand why a developer feels the urge to cram information on screen. Within La Mina de Oro, everything from the paytable to the bonus features are forced into view. In our opinion, this is all a bit much, as this game could have benefited from splitting information over multiple screens.

Things don’t exactly get too much better on the reels, as the game simply makes use of the same symbols seen in other similar MGA games (Robin specifically). Classic it may be, but there is no denying that La Mina de Oro is defunct as far as originality is concerned.

Busy but Effective

The only real upside of having an all-in-one UI is that the control system is pretty simple to get a grasp of. La Mina de Oro looks very much like an old school “fruity”, so along the bottom of the screen are a handful of brightly coloured buttons. Through this a player can cycle through the bet levels with relative ease.

Low Variance and Low Action

Sadly, La Mina de Oro is pretty much a lemon when it comes to gameplay. You won’t find anything here that you won’t find within any amusement arcade, which is certainly a bit disappointing. The game features 3-reels and a low variance selection of bet levels, ranging between 1 credit and 5 credits.

What La Mina de Oro does have going for it is a progressive jackpot, which works to give the drab gameplay within this game a little more sizzle.

Runaway Gold Cart

The saving grace of La Mina de Oro is its bonus features, as there are five to make use of here. The key mini-game is “Enter the Mine”, which charges a player to stop the runaway gold court before it hits the door in order to secure prize. On top of this, La Mina de Oro also rolls out “In the Convoy”, “Come to the Mine”, “Rollers”, and “Straight Flush”.

Lay Your Hands on Gold with La Mina De Oro!

With La Mina de Oro, you really do have to take the good with the bad. The classic approach to gameplay and busy UI really do fall flat, but the progressive jackpot and bonus features work to boost the experience. Overall, we would recommend giving La Mina de Oro a try, but we probably wouldn’t over commit to this 3-reel, 1-payline MGA release.

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