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Speak to any major online casino developer and ask them what the most important part of the development process is, and you can be sure that many of them will say staying on trend.

If a developer can’t keep up with the trends of the moment they may just find themselves playing catch-up. Staying on trend is really something that MGA have struggled with, which the release of Vampire Treasures could go on to confirm. Vampire focused online slots games were all the rage several years ago, with the game Immortal Romance probably representing the genre’s peak.

Vampire Treasures is making an attempt to put vampire-focused real money slot games back under the spotlight, even it does mean giving them a cartoon overhaul. With the market flooded with such games, has MGA released this game too late in the day for it to be noteworthy? The following review tells all!

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Slots with Style

MGA have decided to go in the opposite direction of other vampire themed games with the creation of Vampire Treasures. This because you can forget about experiencing any form of realism and mystery here, as this game is coated head to toe in cartoon graphics. To the left of the screen you will see a male vampire dressed in a suit, while to the right you’ll see a female vampire who is dressed just as fancy.

While it is hardly jaw dropping, the theme and design of Vampire Treasures certainly has some likeable qualities.

Brash yet Boring

Being honest, Vampire Treasures gets off to a flyer with its design, if you pardon the pun. Sadly, the game nose dives when it comes it’s the design of its symbols, because while the low value symbols look great and have the “pop” that many are looking for, the actual main symbols in the game look flat.

With Vampire Treasures we were looking for something well rounded, which a few half-baked symbols actually stop it from being.

Sipping on Slots Action

Have you played an MGA online slots title before? Then you will be fully familiar with exactly how Vampire Treasures functions. Almost all MGA games have the same gameplay mechanics and this game is absolutely no different. Vampire Treasures makes use of 5 reels and 10 paylines, and they’re basic at that. On top of this, the game is low-variance too, which means quick wins are a possibility, but big payouts are non-existent.

The predictability of Vampire Treasures is both helpful and a hindrance, as while familiarity is a good thing, the lack of surprises really isn’t. For example, the bet range is between 1 and 300. Land five of the female vampires in a combination and you’ll win 5,000 credits, with that being pretty much all there is to aim for whenever you spin the reels of Vampire Treasures

Bathed in Blood

There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about Vampire Treasures when it comes to gameplay, which probably explains why MGA have tried to spice things up with a few added extras.

Within this game you’ll find both wilds and scatters. The latter is going to unlock free spins, while the former is going to secure you and instant payout. These may not be the most innovative bonus features within the world of online slots, but they have their uses.

Standing out like a Sore Thumb

You’ve probably noticed that Vampire Treasures is a game with a somewhat dark colour palette, so it’s odd to see that MGA have used the same control panel that they have in other games.

All of the buttons are brightly coloured, which while functioning as expected, actually detracts from the rest of the game. You can’t help but think that this decision is laziness on the part of MGA.

On the Hunt for Vampire Treasures!

Vampire Treasures should have been a superstar moment from MGA, but it just doesn’t reach that level. In fact, it gets pretty much nowhere near it. The game gets off on the right foot with its design, but things just fall into mediocrity from there. Average features, averages bonuses, and average payouts pretty much lead to Vampire Treasures being a highly forgettable real cash slots experience.