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If you love slasher movies, then you owe a debt of gratitude to Halloween, one of the first films to truly exemplify the modern version of this horror subgenre. Of course, you probably already knew that: this is considered one of the best horror movies ever made, and has developed a lasting legacy with both fans and critics over the past four decades.

That original movie would spawn plenty of sequels, as well as comic books, novels, and even video games. But there is always new territory to explore, and in 2017, that means the creation of Halloween by Microgaming, a new slot machine that is one of the most recent releases at online casinos. Featuring the same thick atmosphere and memorable characters as the original film, this is a title that is designed not only for gamblers, but as a love letter to one of the most influential slasher films of all time.

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Our Story Begins

The Halloween video slot is a game that is based entirely on the first movie in the classic series of movies, drawing everything it can out of this 1978 hit. That is apparent the moment you look at the game: the game takes place right in front of the Strode home, which looks just slightly ominous with the setting sun behind it. Many of the film’s most memorable characters are seen throughout the game on the reels and in special features, and you’ll enjoy a series of audio clips that are related to various characters when you manage to score wins using their icons.

This is also a very accessible machine, in just about every meaning of the word. First, because this game runs on software by Microgaming, it is mobile-optimized, allowing play on anything from an iPhone to a tablet or your desktop computer, regardless of the operating system you may be running.  In addition, a wide range of betting levels are offers, meaning that both casual low limit players who are interested in the theme and serious high roller gamblers can equally enjoy trying out this machine. There’s even a free online slots version for those who want to try before they buy.

The First Kill

The Halloween video slot is a five reel game with 50 paylines, and it uses the same basic goal structure as just about every other slot you’ve played: match symbols from left to right across your lines, and you’ll be rewarded with prizes. At least three in a row are needed to score wins for all symbols. However, the format of the reels can vary from spin to spin thanks to a wandering reels feature, which will expand three consecutive reels: instead of three symbol positions, those columns will contain four instead.

There are several different prize winning icons, and they start with items you may recognize from the movie: balls of yarn, a matchbook, a phone, knives, and guns. For larger payouts, you’ll want to connect with the main characters featured on this title, including Lynda, Annie, Loomis, and Laurie. Of these, Laurie is by far the most valuable, earning you up to 10x your spin bet should you hit five in a row. In addition, these character icons can appear in an expanded form that covers the whole wandering reels section, giving you a much higher chance of winning.

Watch Out for Michael

Two special icons are also available to help you score even bigger payouts. First, there are wild symbols that are based on the iconic poster for the movie. These act as substitutes, filling in wherever they can in order to complete winning paylines. Secondly, there is a bonus symbol. Hit three of these, and you’ll be taken to the Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus, where you might be able to unlock several different rewards.

The wheel game begins with the player spinning for the chance to collect cash prizes. This will continue until a non-cash result is received. For instance, the player might land on one of the four main characters. When this happens, you’ll be rewarded with nine free spins during which that character’s symbol will replace the other high-paying icons on the reels, improving your chances of putting together big wins on multiple paylines.

The other possibility is triggering the Boogeyman Bonus. In this game, you’ll see a grid of leaves you can pick from. Most will reveal cash prizes, but finding the collect icon (the titular boogeyman) will grant you a small payout and immediately end the game. It’s also possible to find knives that will protect you one time from the boogeyman, allowing the action to continue. Each time you collect a prize, the value goes up, and you’ll earn another bonus if you collect all 10 cash prizes on the board.

The Final Showdown

One of the best things that we can say about a licensed online slot is that it will appeal to both those who love the source material and those who just want to gamble, and that definitely applies to Microgaming’s Halloween. While the design is very thematic, the bonus rounds and unique reel design are enough to make this entertaining even for those who know nothing about these characters or the cinematic mythos this is all based on. We definitely recommend at least trying out a free Halloween slot, and once you do, don’t be surprised if you want to play for real money as well.