Mobilots Online Slots

In recent years, it has become readily apparent that mobile gaming is where the online casino industry is headed. Already, the majority of bets in some sectors are made through smartphones and tablets, and the overall percentage of players connecting from these devices goes up every single year.

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Because of this change in emphasis, many new companies have sprung up with a clear focus on the mobile side of the industry. One such young company is Mobilots, a company that has devoted itself to creating games – slots, in particular – that are tailored for the on-the-go player. Based out of three international offices, the studio says that these games are their passion, and that their team has over 75 years of expertise in the industry to help make these titles a success. And while they’re not yet available at many sites, their hope is that the fun players have enjoying their titles will get more operators to pay attention to their portfolio.

Mobilots Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Fun Games on a Basic Framework

As of the time of this writing, Mobilots has created about 25 different games. As their name would suggest, this is a heavily slots-based collection, though there are a few video poker machines as well to provide a touch of variety to the catalogue.

Most of the variety among the slot machines offered here comes thematically. That’s because you’ll see a lot of the same features and gameplay elements utilized over and over again. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it might reduce the replay value that gamblers find as they work their way through this collection.

Diving into a few examples will help us show you what we mean. Let’s start with Legends of the Sea, a five-reel, 30 line machine with a classic underwater theme. Over the reels, you’ll be matching mermaids, explorers, seahorses and treasures, along with many other symbols. The art quality is above average, and what we really liked is that there are no “standard” symbols – you won’t be on the lookout for boring poker ranks, bars, or cherries. Many of the symbols also have a 3D feel to them: there may not be any fancy animations, but the presentation is still colorful and interesting, which is the most important thing. Players can use wild symbols to help complete winning combination, win free spins by getting three or more scatters, or jump into a bonus round where you’ll choose bubbles to collect instant prizes.

Many of the games in the Mobilots collection use this exact format, with many titles having only minor tweaks designed to at least add a small amount of variety. For instance, Panda Wilds is still a five-reel, 30-line game, this time with a bamboo-centered theme (after all, we know that’s the diet of choice for pandas). You’ll match plenty of the plant along with pandas, temples, koi, and more. The free spins and bonus rounds are pretty much the same here as in Legends of the Sea, but there is a twist in that the wild symbols are stacked, allowing them to cover entire reels at a time if they land just right.

Both of those titles come from the Video Slots side of the Mobilots portfolio. There’s also an Arcade Slots section that includes titles like Ra to Riches. This game features an exciting 5×5 format, putting a lot of symbols on the screen at any one time. The format here is really more like a “match four” system than anything to do with reels: if four or more of the same symbol are adjacent to each other, you’ll earn an associated prize. Then, those icons will be removed from the screen, and more will fall into place to replace them, potentially earning you more prizes. Egyptian gods, scepters, sphinxes, and more are among the different themed pictures you’ll want to match. There’s also a unique jackpot system in which you’ll accumulate winnings through a scarab symbol; once those winnings total $50, you’ll earn the jackpot.

Many other titles are also available from this company, and while they largely fit into the two broad categories we’ve described, there’s enough variety thematically for there to be something for almost anyone who enjoys slots. A few of our other favorites are:

We should also mention that there are three video poker machines that are included as a part of this package. These cover the basics of the genre – Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better – along with another fairly common title, Tens or Better. These are classic, single-hand versions of these games, all of which appear to be quite responsive and easy to play. It’s also worth a note that the versions we played utilized high-paying pay tables, though these can be customized by operators, so there’s no guarantee you’ll actually see odds quite that good out in the wild.

Plug and Play Integration

When it comes to selling their software to operators, Mobilots focuses on the fact that their games are built from the ground up for mobile devices, making them the perfect way to expand an existing collection to the smartphone market. That starts with an open architecture, plug & play system that allows for easy integration of these games. They also provide a platform that can incorporate games from other developers, meaning that new operators can use this system as the start for a much larger casino.

These games are also completely customizable by the companies that license them. In a practical sense, that means that operators have the freedom to adjust the payouts however they like: if they want loose slots that keep players happy for a long time, they can turn up the return to player as high as they like.

So far, this software hasn’t found its way into many sites, but the company has been somewhat successful in finding a niche for itself on bingo sites. Operators such as BingoMania have taken this package and incorporated it alongside their core business, providing players with some additional mobile games they can play between bingo sessions. It’s a small start, but at least it has given the company some stable clients as it attempts to gain wider distribution for its games.

Fun, But a Bit Repetitive

In terms of the quality of their creations, Mobilots is a developer that scores very high marks. We had no trouble running or playing any of their games on a variety of devices: while they are a mobile-first group, their products work across a spectrum of desktop computers and web browsers as well. Their slots are visually creative and fun to play, and many of the themes are somewhat unique. We also liked the 5×5 matching “arcade” games, which offer up a casual experience with plenty of flavor.

On the other hand, too many of these games used an almost identical framework for our liking. Yes, it’s a classic formula: many paylines, a free spins round, and one additional bonus. But there are already a million games like that out there, so we would have enjoyed seeing a bit more variety among this collection. That could also be important if Mobilots wants more operators to pick up their games, especially since most providers now make sure at least their newly-released products are mobile-friendly as well.

Overall, though, we think these games are well worth playing for slots lovers of all types. They may not be the most innovative or groundbreaking machines we’ve ever seen, but they were fun to play, and that’s the most important thing. If you play at a site that offers this collection, then be sure to take a session to check out the Mobilots portfolio.