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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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There’s just something about dragons. They’re quite literally fiery, wouldn’t be practical indoors and would be a nightmare to feed, even if they would cook food faster than a microwave. But whether they’re in fairy tales, Harry Potter stories or Game of Thrones, they’ll always capture our attention. And that’s something that League of Dragons by Nektan captures straight away. They are the stars here.

In case you wanted more convincing, there’s also Wildcards, Sticky Wildcards, Multiplier options and 3 different types of Bonus Round, 2 of which feature Free Spins. The minimum you’re going tp need to wager on all lines is 0.25, while you can splash out to 500.00 per spin. But is League of Dragons in a league of it’s own? Read on…

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Fiery Stuff

You can’t miss the intro. It starts off in fairy tale storybook form. There are old style pages and lettering. Even a guy reading the words out. But in case you think things are getting too traditional, the narrator coughs and decides not to read it all out. Several different pages explain the bonuses available. You can Skip but you’ll want to see it as it’s really helpful.

When it does, you’ll notice the very stylish background. The left hand side has a really cool red tint, with the right hand side blue. By the design, you know it’s a cave, but it’s certainly a modern, trendy one. While the top only has the name of the game, the bottom is noticeable for the shiny eyes of the dragons on the bottom edges.

The 5 non-transparent reels have 25 symbols. Hovering over each symbol tells you how much each you can win for the price setting you are in. Brilliant idea. The introduction has a livelier music sound while the main page has the dripping sounds and creaky noises. All ready for the action to start.

Fired up to Play

The buttons are divided into two sections. The ones at the top are the extras and the ones at the bottom are the betting options. Rather neatly, the betting settings are posted on wooden signs. This is a world away from regular life after all. The one you’ll go to first are the Total Bet options, especially as the paylines are fixed at 25. There are 14 options in total, with a nice range between 0.25 to 500.

Also very cool are the speed options. Normally you have 2 kinds, here you have 3. And the fastest one is quicker than you can blink. You can also use Auto Play for 5 settings, between 10 and 50, or Until Bonus. The buttons at the top offer the traditional options of removing the sound, details of the rules and your betting history. There are 10 regular symbols, 5 made up of themed images and the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. The 2 dragons, 2 blondes and a dragon egg may not be visually striking but do keep to the playful tone of the game.

PANDAmonium in the Bonuses

There are 3 types of Bonuses, which reward the more dedicated player. If the blue liquid fills up to the top on the left, it brings up the Multiplier Bonus. This brings up 15 Free Spins with each spin offering x1 – x10. Plenty to win. On the right hand side is the Sticky Wild Bonus. Like with Multiplier, it needs the right symbol (in this case a Wildcard) 10 times to unlock. This time though, there are 10 Free Spins and when a Sticky Wildcard appears, it stays until the end of the spins. At the end of both, a new character like Fred Fury, Barry Breezer or Amanda Po, a ninja panda, replaces the loser.

The Bonus Game keeps up the wackiness. Using arrow keys, you have to direct your dragon (more like a snake) to collect targets that appear randomly on the screen for 10 seconds without hitting the wall or turning in on itself. The more successful you do, the lengthier your dragon gets. The first level gives out x28, with increasing scores leading up to x44.

The Theme

Dragons are one of the most popular features in slot games, so The League of Dragons has to make itself stand out. Unlike 5 Dragons, there aren’t 243 ways to win, it doesn’t feature a variety of animals like 50 Dragons and doesn’t have the symbolism on the Far East like Ancient Dragon. Its competitive characters and rewarding bonuses do add quite a lot of originality.

Lots to Love

There’s so much to like here. The game has a distinctive playful vibe, with its quirkily named characters, comical violence, rewarding bonuses and adventurous vibe. This is a fun game that has well thought out gameplay options, including speed and Auto Play options. No dragon your heels here.

Meta: In League of Dragons by Nektan, the bonuses are nice but the dragon girl or Wildcard are the ones to get. If you 5 of them, you can get x1000 or 20,000 credits