Fire Hawk Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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The culture of Native Indians is one few of us fully understand without visiting the tribes and partaking in their customs. As a result, games such as Fire Hawk rely on stereotypes to get us through the gameplay. In NextGen’s case, we’d say that they’ve taken a more friendly stance. Yes, they’ve developed a title that continues the use of misconceptions, but they’ve attempted to do so inoffensively as possible.

If you can look past any inaccuracies, you’ll find a low to medium variance slot machine that has a reasonable level of volatility to contend with; you’re looking at a 95.32% RTP. Anyone who knows return to player rates will be aware that this is a decent level of difficulty to be contending with. You won’t get an easy ride, but nor should you be struggling to make a win.

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Traditional Customs

When it comes to the graphics of this slot machine, the overall effect is a traditional one. NextGen aren’t trying to break any moulds here. They stay firmly in the parameters of acceptable, and expected, real cash slot formats. We commend them for being so keen on preserving a conventional feel to their game, but we’d wish that they’d attempt to mix it up every now and then.

As regular gamers of a lot of companies, we get used to seeing patterns in brands’ and their attention to detail; NextGen Gaming doesn’t go too contemporary or too outside of the norms. Although this means that you can recognise and adapt to the grid shown, it also means you have a very mundane appearance to always engage with. This won’t trouble too many of you, but for those that enjoy diversity, the style of the brand will start to wear thin.

Game of Cards

In addition to the regular paytable, which is mainly centred on free games and multipliers, there’s also a gamble option for gamers to enjoy. It’s a feature that seems to be utilised in nearly all of their real cash slots, and so the format has stayed much the same for many years. We find this fact frustrating, a bit like the aesthetic of the title, but alas it’s one of those bugbears we have to endure.

The ability to double your win will appear after every win, with the gamble widget lighting up. You’ll then be taken to a card game where you can guess the colour and/or suit of the next card. If you opt for the suit rather than the colour, you stand to gain more money, however it also makes the option more risky, and so you stand to lose more, too.

Mighty Hawk

The hawk symbol is (obviously) the free games icon, and so you’ll need between three and five of them on an active winline to start the bonus round. As usual, you’ll be given a selection of free games however, rather than have just 10 waves like in Fairies Forest, you get varying numbers. The only thing is, the more spins you’re rewarded, the lower the multiplier attached.

As many as 20 games can be yours, but the cost of that is to suffer a x2 multiplier rather than the x4 that comes with the set of 10 rounds. You can’t decide which option you get, sadly, but at least this feature is more interesting than what we’ve become used to from NextGen. There may be new life yet to be breathed into this brand and its games.

How Grand

If you’re looking to play more Wild West slot machines, there’s one called Grand Canyon that we’d like to draw your attention to. This game from Merkur is an old school title that relies solely on the paytable and not the quality of its looks. It’s a bit of a jump to go from Fire Hawk to Grand Canyon in terms of beauty, but we wager you’ll be satisfied in the end. There’s a 5-reel grid, with a pay-in as low as this slot, just 0.20 credits.

Burning Flame

You may get your money’s worth with Fire Hawk, even when playing the max bet of 20 credits, but that still isn’t enough to convince us to try the game again. Even though we appreciate the skill that has gone into making this game, we just can’t connect with it like we have other NextGen titles.