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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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A genie appearing and granting you three wishes is what many of us long for; we want to escape the confines of reality and experience magic. Sadly, we’re held back from ever achieving that level of wonder, and so titles like Genie Wild have been created. They don’t give you real magic per say, but they provide a magical outlet for you to savour.

Kitted out with throw cushions, tapestries, and glowing lanterns, this is one attractive looking matrix; if all genie lamps look like this on the inside, sign us up. We’d live happily ever after in a home that comfy and plush. The very fact that NextGen have managed to create such an inviting atmosphere is a credit to their creativity: they’ve made a flat game feel textured. Tangible.

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Inside the Lamp

The magic lamp isn’t just the home to the aesthetic of this real cash slot, but it’s the entry point into the free games. Anyone who is familiar with the brand will know this is their favourite feature, and so you’ll either be annoyed at its inclusion once again, or excited. It’s hard to tell which when you become so used to a certain setup.

Not only is the scatter able to pay out multiplied wins, affected by what you bet, but you are given 10 games to work your way through. Furthermore, the expanding wild will grant extra payouts should they appear in your playthrough. Basically, you’re getting the paytable of Fairies Forest. We wish we could sound more enthused, for the feature is a well rounded if not exciting one, but we’ve just become so used to this tactic from the brand. They don’t seem to want to innovate.

Make a Wish

Okay, so the heading of this section is a tad misleading, but it’s based in some truth: that the gamble feature can make all your wishes come true. You see, when you opt to risk your cash for a doubling of prize money, you can be given the keys to a magical kingdom of wealth. Or, more likely, you’ll fall flat on your face and lose it all.

In Genie Wild, the format of the gamble is as typical as they come, and is the same as all other NextGen Gaming double or nothings. You have a card in the middle of the screen and you have to choose what colour or suit it will be next. The suit gives you quadruple your win, while the colour only offers you a doubling. It can be an easy way of making more money, but don’t bet on it.

Three Is Better Than One

We’re all about giving you an alternative to the game you see here; Genie Wild is good, but it might not be what you expected, or perhaps you’ve finished and want something more. That’s where 3 Genie Wishes comes in. It’s a slot machine from gaming provider Topgame, and features an ample set of images that create a rich 3×5 grid.

Much like NextGen’s slot, you have some free spins up for grabs, however you also have a unique way of deciding which feature you receive: you make some wishes. We like that the setup in Topgame’s activity is more interactive, even though the variance isn’t too dissimilar to Genie Wild. It goes to show how easily a game can be made more than what it is, all with a few simple additions.

Lamp Light

Genie Wild isn’t a big show-stopper of an online game, nor does it show you a different side to the NextGen Gaming brand. It does, however, demonstrate that games can be easy to pick up and put down, providing a convenient means of casual recreation, something we’re all interested in. For those moments when you want to do something different to your norm, we’d suggest a playthrough of a low impact slot machine such as this one. Why not? After all, it’ll cost you no less than 0.25 credits and no more than 250.