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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Knowing what to expect from a slot machine is never easy, and when the name suggests a retro theme, many of us are tentative; we want modern, after all. Well, there’s no need to fear old school styling when you play Joker Jester. This retro slot machine may be stuck in the past in some respects, but when it comes to gameplay, it’s all modern.

This is an extremely colourful slot machine from the NextGen brand, arguably the most vivid we’ve seen from them, and yet it isn’t the most themed title they’ve created. Yes, this is a novelty theme, but it’s not as niche as arctic animals or pirating. As far as we’re concerned, we think this design and theme is way better than either of those two, which is a bold statement indeed. Join us on a playthrough to see what we mean.

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Eggs All in One Basket

What delights us most about this title is that we can jump straight into the action, thanks to the medium variance paytable. The first stop on our agenda is the Juggle Bonus, a round that can be highly challenging if you don’t have the grace and fluidity of a feline. Don’t believe us, just give it a go!

The basket icon, which is related to this bonus alone, can only be found on the first 3 reels, thus making it a challenge to unlock in itself. However, try and stick with it because you’ll get to watch as the Jester of this game starts juggling eggs. That’s right, EGGS. All you have to do is keep adding eggs and hope that he can keep on juggling; if he does, you get a bigger cash prize. If you’re truly lucky, you might even find a golden egg, which is a fast track to big bucks.

Over a Barrel

The feature described above would be enough for some people, and while NextGen knew this, they decided to cram another feature in anyway, and we’re so grateful that they did. The Barrel Bonus is another engaging round that gets you into some hands on gaming, rather than switching off.

In contrast to the Juggle Bonus, the barrel symbol will only appear on the last 3 reels, which again ups that level of volatility that you’re contending with. Though try not to fret, as the RTP is said to be 95.974%, meaning you’re in luck with the odds of this game, at least in theory. We digress; you’ll need to keep selecting from the barrels shown until the Jester shows up, which makes him the bad luck charm of this mini game.

Such a Joker

Jokers and jesters have been a staple icon in many slot machines, particularly those of a certain age; they’re seen as a classic indicator of vintage gameplay and style. You can see this when you play Vegas Joker, a slot machine from BetSoft Gaming, another well-known brand within the industry.

This gaming example is much smaller in size and depth than Joker Jester, as there’s only 5 winlines in total and just 3 reels, which gives you the ultimate old school experience. There’s no extra features whatsoever, giving you the most purist playthrough imaginable. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s definitely one you should try if you want to see a game that’s influenced generations of others, like Joker Jester.

You Jest

In terms of gameplay, this game is fantastic – it has so much variance that you get lost in the many twists and turns of the features. NextGen have made what could have been a dull title an exciting and very contemporary one, even despite its aesthetic. And as for the looks of the matrix, while not the cleanest or most appealing, they have a joy about them that’s bewitching. You’d struggle to find anyone playing this who doesn’t end up with a smile on their face. We adore this slot machine, and we hope that you’ll feel the same.