Nolimit City Online Slots

As we’ve discussed in many of our software provider reviews, there is room in the iGaming industry for companies big and small. The company we’re talking about today is definitely on the smaller end of that spectrum, but they’ve still an important developer to the clients they serve — even if there are only a few of them.

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The company in question is NoLimit City, a firm that first launched in 2013. Headquartered in Malta, the studio actually does all of its development out of Stockholm, Sweden, and over the last few years has developed a handful of games – less than a handful, to be exact – that have been delivered to a small number of select clients. In fact, that’s part of the group’s overall strategy: offering a fast and flexible product only to a solid set of operators that they trust to deliver a quality experience to players.

Nolimit City Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Small Selection, To Say the Least

When we say that Nolimit City hasn’t created very any games, we’re not joking. While the company has been around for several years now, the studio has put together just three slot machines – not much of an output, even for a small development group. In a sense, that makes our job pretty easy, as we can introduce you to their whole lineup without much trouble.

The first game we’ll look at is Oktoberfest, a machine that has been themed after the world’s most famous beer festival. The game takes place against the backdrop of a classical beer house, filled with long tables and banners strewn from wall to wall. This game offers a great look at the artistic quality that NoLimit puts into each of their creations. Though the game uses a muted color scheme, every icon and symbol is drawn with great detail and life, allowing each one to “pop” from the screen and lending itself to a friendly, light-hearted feeling that pervades this title.

As for the actual gameplay, this is a 20-line, five-reel machine in which the goal is to make matches from left-to-right across the screen. Basic wins begin with the classic poker ranks, but even these have been thematically changed into “pretzel symbols,” as they are each designed to look like they are made from the twisted bread. Bigger wins come from meats, hats, accordions, kegs, and more.

Perhaps most impressive about this particular game is the bevy of wild symbols that appear on the reels. Along with a standard wild substitute, there are also two tapestries (named for the characters Hansi and Gretchen) that can fill their entire reels. Hit both, and you’ll end up in a special free spins feature where you’ll get a Prost Wild that can actually move around the screen in order to guarantee wins. There are also Pretzel Parties, Party Spins, and Bierspins, all of which have various effects that can help you more money when they are triggered. This is a machine that truly throws itself fully into its theme.

Next up is Space Arcade, a three-reel game with nine paylines that uses, naturally, an outer space theme. There’s also a retro futuristic feel here: the backdrop looks like something out of Tron, the blocky symbols look like oversized Tetris pieces, and even the music feels like it might have come right out of the 1980s.

Don’t worry, though: the gameplay here is thoroughly modern and rather innovative at times. While the core gameplay requires players to make three-of-a-kind matches across the reels, there are a number of twists, beginning with the multiplier bar. We’ve seen this in games before, but it is always a treat: each time you score a win, the multiplier meter will increase by one (up to a maximum of 6x), and you’ll get a free re-spin. This can go on indefinitely, leading to some very large prize payouts. There’s also the Winged Wild, a symbol that not only acts as a substitute, but triggers respins itself by moving up one position on its reel after any winnings are paid out. This continues (win or lose) until any and all wilds have left the screen. These two features can often combine for some amazing strings of paying spins, which can quickly turn around even the worst session.

The final game in the NoLimit City lineup is Creepy Carnival, and this is one slot that absolutely lives up to its name. Featuring a playful but slightly off-kilter version of a carnival theme as music, and plenty of strange creatures populating the reels, this is an extremely atmospheric game that might just send a few shivers down your spine.

But just like the developer’s other titles, this one manages to combine a brilliant presentation with strong gameplay features. There is a very strong divide in this title between the low-value symbols – the card game ranks, like jacks, queens, and kings – and the more thematic, higher-value icons, which are made up of characters you might find at a carnival or freak show. There are cymbal-playing monkeys, strong men, scary clowns, and more, all of which can earn larger prizes.

Like in Space Arcade, winning spins generate respins at a higher multiplier, though this time only up to a maximum of 3x. In this case, you’ll only see the winning symbols respun, with everything else – including any wilds, even if they were part of the win – remaining in place. You can get a maximum of two free respins at a time, after which the feature will end.

Hitting three or more scatter symbols will earn you up to 20 free spins with double the normal paylines (40 vs. 20). There’s also a special Star Spin feature that takes time to activate. As you win with the high value icons, you’ll collect them – one for each payline that wins with them. Collect 13, and you’ll be rewarded with a free Star Spin, in which you’ll automatically receive two wilds on the reels, and only the big paying icons will appear in all other positions.

While that’s the entire library that NoLimit City when it comes to slots, it is worth noting that they have also created a series of lottery-based games for some of their clients. Those include a combination of common draw lotteries and instant win, scratch card style products.

A Very Selective Partner

NoLimit isn’t just a company that is very careful about the kinds of games they make. They have also proven to be cautious when it comes to making partnerships throughout the industry. Only a handful of sites carry their casino games and other software products. It’s an arrangement that helps explain a lot about the group: they may only offer up a few games, but they are very high quality and rather exclusive, making themselves valued by the operators that do partner with them. These sites include many target various European markets, produced in languages like Swedish and Norwegian. Obviously, the NoLimit games appear alongside those of other major operators like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt – no casino could run on their three slots alone, after all.

Despite their limited exposure, however, this is a studio that has made itself known to the industry. They have made a point of appearing at major trade shows – most recently, the International Casino Expo in 2017 – and have partnered with groups like Relax Gaming and the Betit Group in order to branch out and get their products into the hands of more operators and players.

Quality Products, If You Can Find Them

There’s no doubt that NoLimit City has put together an extremely talented group of programmers, developers, and artists to create their slots, as these are among the best games we’ve played in a long time. In both style and substance, there are few that can match these titles, let alone exceed them, anywhere in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are so few of these games – as we said, only three at the time of this writing – that this is hardly a collection that you’ll want to spend all of your time playing. Thankfully, their portfolio has always appeared alongside games from much larger providers, meaning you’ll never be forced to stick to just these machines. That means that any of the trusted casinos that offer the NoLimit collection are an excellent way to try these games while still having plenty of other options to gamble on as well.