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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Regardless of whether or not the world needs another classic 3-reel slot, it is going to get one, not just in the form of Autodromo by Novomatic but in the form of the countless other classic slots that will be released this year and every other year. These games always operate in an identical fashion and yet nevertheless continue to attract a significant number of gamblers. If they didn’t, developers would surely have stopped releasing these games long ago.

The Autodromo video slot isn’t going to strike you down as offering anything out of the ordinary. Indeed, if you have played classic slots before, you will know exactly what to expect here. The familiarity that comes with playing an online casino game such as this however doesn’t take away from the satisfaction to be derived. Indeed, there is a case for saying that the simplicity and familiarity of these games is what makes them so appealing, like watching an old childhood TV show while wrapped in a warm blanket in your favourite spot on the sofa.

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Racing Reels

As you can probably deduce from the name, Autodromo is a motor racing-themed slot. Admittedly, this theme is largely limited to the chequered flag that appears in the background. With just 3 reels and 5 paylines, there isn’t a whole lot to focus on. On the plus side, this makes it extremely easy to get involved in this game; just keep matching those symbols and keep on nothing up wins. Autodromo is a fully mobile-compatible game at least, so if you would like to experience a classic slot on your mobile then here’s your game.

Indeed, the beauty of these 3-reel slots is that they don’t take up much screen space and so are ideal for playing on smaller devices such as iPhone or Android smartphones. Moreover, due to the basic graphics, these games don’t make a huge demand on your CPU and thus you don’t require a souped-up handset to get the most out of them.

Fruits Everywhere

The standard fruit symbols which have appeared in fruit machines since the dawn of time are replicated here. This means cherries, lemons and oranges as well as grapes and melons. Otherwise, there also bells to watch out for and bars which appear as single, double and triple versions. The wild symbol appears as a joker. In terms of betting, one of the best things about this game is that you can wager some huge amounts of money. In fact, you can set a max bet of 10,000 coins.

Admittedly, most gamblers won’t be flash enough to do so, but it is nice to know that the option is there should it be desired. Even if you’re more of a low limits player, you can at least wager smaller amounts, betting as little as 40 coins per spin. Because this is a simple classic slot, there is not much more to say about Autodromo; all you can do is record wins by landing three identical symbols on a payline. The wild symbol will of course substitute for all other symbols and is in addition that most valuable symbol when you land three of these on a line. In fact, with the max bet in place you could win up to 750,000 coins in this manner.

Other Slots to Try

If you’re new to the world of classic slots and have never played games like this before, just know that there is plenty more where that came from. Like, an insane amount more games. You don’t have to limit yourself to 3-reel slots either. For example, you could try something like Astro Fruit by IGT which is a medium variance slot with similar symbols. In addition to fruits and bars you have sevens, all played out on a 5 by 3 board in a game that has 20 paylines. Alternatively, try something like Fruit Machine by Gamesys which is a classic 3-reel slot but one which has more paylines, at 20.

Autodromo Conclusion

Autodromo is about as basic as online slots get. This is the sort of game that you can play for free, but it is unlikely to hold your attention for long because there is very little point in playing 3-reel slots for fun. After all, it is not as if the epic graphics or gameplay to be had here are going to entertain you. No, aside from the nostalgia, it is safe to say that 3-reel slots such as Autodromo are the sort that you play for real money only. With the ability to wager up to 10,000 coins per spin, Autodromo is one that high limits gamblers should find to be to their liking.