Burning Hot Respin Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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As one of the largest gaming providers within the industry, Novomatic have ensured that every game they create appeals to their users in one form or another. Sometimes they’ll aim for contemporary entertainment, while other times they’ll surrender themselves to classic designs. Burning Hot Respin is one of latter, capturing the very essence of what makes online slots the loved activity they are today.

This real cash slot is open to all, though it’ll obviously scores more points with purist gamers than with those obsessed with features and graphics. The aesthetic and variance here is on the basic side, thus giving all players a simple title to engage with. In terms of accessibility, it makes the title more user-friendly because of its straightforward nature. However, it also means that the gameplay is short lived, due to how limited the paytable appears. It’s a catch-22, but a potentially profitable one nonetheless.

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Keeping It Simple

When it comes to the looks of this online slot, there’s not a lot to the aesthetic – Novomatic have designed a very plain backdrop, with even the colours of the images feeling muted. This can make the interface feel underwhelming and dull, but at the same time it also means that you’re not distracted by unnecessary frills. Far too many modern slots try and deliver a lot of detail, too much detail, resulting in an overzealous experience. That won’t happen here.

The images used for the paytable are classic icons, seen in many online and bricks ‘n mortar casinos alike; they’re flat, 2D, and have little character to them whatsoever. That being said, they bring in the money, some of which can be high stakes, and so looks become the least interesting element about them. When you’re playing with Novomatic, even on the lowest bet of 10 credits, you’re looking at considerable wins.

Nice and Full

As we said earlier, the features aren’t anything to write home about, for the enjoyment is in the uncomplicated nature of making a winning line. Even though there’s hardly any extras, a few juicy rewards can be gleaned from the 3 reels, you just need to land the combos right. Word of warning though, the brand go in hard when it comes to volatility, meaning that you’re in for a rough ride if you’re expecting easy wins.

The first win you can claw back is by filling the entire matrix with the same image. This full house effect won’t do anything exciting, such as wheels of fortune, but it will get you x2 of your wager. Now if you think for a second, that could turn into a lucrative payout, if you crank that baby up to the maximum wager of 100.00. Sadly however, we appreciate that not every gamer has that much money lying around.

Respin for a Rewin

If you want to get the most out of this slot machine, then you’re going to have to lose every now and again. That’s right, folks, the Burning Hot Respin Feature is one that only works out if you get two matching reels, but then miss the mark on the last one. Given how tough this real cash slot can be, this is a rather generous bonus from the brand, however due to this high difficulty, the bonus is therefore harder to obtain.

All you get from this feature is a single respin, nonetheless, that spin could be the difference between you losing and winning, and so it’s best to never overlook this extra. As we’re thorough in our reviews, we’d like to say that the feature is easy to access, but we never experienced it firsthand, and so we’re going out on a limb here just as much as you guys are.

Setting the Reels Ablaze

Burning Hot Respin is a decent enough slot machine, but sometimes you need to kick back with a bit of something else, a title like Blazing Star from Merkur Gaming. This brand is just as seasoned as Novomatic, and in truth the two have the monopoly on old school titles, ensuring that the experience you get isn’t too dissimilar. The biggest change between the two is that Blazing Star has 5-reels, and the max bet is a low 10 credits instead.

Hot Under the Collar?

We’d like to be able to say that Burning Hot Respin worked us up into a frenzy, but instead it just fizzled and then died out. That isn’t because it’s a bad game, but more that it’s a title of its time, and one that isn’t made to last the tests of time. If you need a quick buzz, and the chance to get some money back, this is the title for you.