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Fruit and slots, slots and fruit. The two are destined to be inexorably intertwined owing to the decision of some developer many moons ago to launch a fruit-themed slot. From there, the meme blossomed and an entire industry sprung up based around fruit-based slots. Those fruits are merely caricatures that bear little resemblance to the sort you might find in your local supermarket, but for hardcore gamblers, two cherries will always be synonymous with slots over sustenance. There’s something about the sight of these melons, plums, lemons and oranges which brings a smile to your face.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last played a classic slot: if you chance across one again, all those same feels will come rushing back as you nostalgia hard with every spin and shudder of the reels as they grind to a halt. Firebird by Novomatic is a game which keeps things strictly old school, with zero flourishes or features that might bring such a game up to date, or to at least acknowledge subsequent advances in video slot technology. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and indeed many punters will be content to amuse themselves with a slot that keeps things simple and down to earth.

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Fire on the Reels

Despite being called Firebird, there’s not a lot of fire or birds to be found in this game; just a bunch of fruit, three across and three deep on the reels. The Firebird video slot has five paylines and thus accords to the formula that you’d expect a game modelled on this era to adopt. From melons to cherries and from red 7s to plums, all the usual symbols are present and accounted for here. One of the most interesting things about old school slots like this is that they often allow you to place extremely large bets. Firebird is the perfect case in point, allowing you to set a max bet of 10,000 coins.

Given that the average video slot will let you wager 500 at best, that’s quite a step up. If you’d prefer to take a low limits approach to the game however, which seems sensible, you can wager just 40 coins at a time. There’s an autoplay function that comes with this game and given the repetitious nature of online slots, especially those of the three-reel variety, you’d be wise to enable autoplay at some stage in proceedings. Aside from its high max bet, there’s nothing remotely novel or surprising about Firebird. It’s a classic slot which doesn’t stretch itself and thus doesn’t stretch players either. Don’t expect to leave your comfort zone while rolling the reels of this baby.

Fruits Ahoy

Due to the extremely high bet levels that are available, you can win some monster sums from this slot. It’s no wonder that the paytable isn’t displayed alongside the reels here, as is often the case with three-reel slots – there simply isn’t room for it due to the number of zeros that appear alongside each symbol. With the max bet in place for example, three cherries will net you an incredible 50,000 coins. You’ll make twice that for plums, which rank higher than lemons and oranges in time-honoured fashion. Above them come bells, grapes and then melons which command 400,000. That just leaves red 7s at 500k and gold stars at 750k.

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There are scores upon scores of classic slots to be found at the average online casino. In many of these sites often have a whole page dedicated to them, row after row of three-reel fruit-themed slots with the only concession to the needs of the modern player is the ability to play on mobile. Firebird is a mobile-compatible game in fact and it’s one which also looks the part on tablet and desktop. Other contenders include 3-Reel Hold-Up, an IGT title with medium volatility and an RTP that comes in at 97%.

Firebird in Conclusion

It’s hard to hate on Novomatic for releasing a three-reel slot that’s so derivative. Firebird isn’t here to change the world, simply to amuse you for five minutes as you play for fun before moving on to the next title that’s caught your attention. Obviously you can also play Firebird for real money, and with the prospect of winning some enormous sums from this game, you might decide it’s worth a punt. In which case, make a deposit at your online casino of choice and get playing.