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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Get ready for a classic style of slot with Magic Circle from Novomatic. With an old school brand of play, this is a slot machine mashup brought online where you’ll be spinning the fruits for fun. With a real life slot recreated onscreen in full and vibrant colour, it’s just like playing in a casino but without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Fruit machines are big, bold and bright and this online reincarnation is no exception with all the classic symbols that you’ll know and love. With basic and club options, plus a special bonus round, it’s a blast from the past which will delight and entertain. But will you be bewitched by this game or simply feel it’s a load of hocus pocus? Here’s a review of Magic Circle from Novomatic with all the essential facts you need.

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Classical Styling

Modern slots often boast the very best in graphics with 3D images and a complex backstory to follow. If that’s what you enjoy his slot won’t be something that you’ll appreciate as it’s taken inspiration from the traditional fruit machines of the past and there’s nothing fancy or complicated on offer. What you have is a fruit slot that’s rendered in bright and vivid colours, with immaculate play, but it’s a very different type of game than contemporary themed slots. Magic Circle is the kind of slot you may have played in an arcade or casino many years ago and it’s a delightful blast from the past that purists in particular will appreciate.

How to play

Strangely, although the game is more basic in appearance than many modern slots, the actual play can seem more complicated to anyone who’s not familiar with fruities. This is because there’s both a basic and a club game, as well as the chance to play on the magic wheel, too. When you choose the basic game you’ll have the three reels but just a single payline and each bet will cost one coin, which is worth 4 credits. Hit the start button to get the reels spinning and to try and make matches along the one payline. Although it’s cheap to play, you won’t find it very easy to get a win because there’s just one chance to look for a line of symbols. One thing that could help you is the Hold feature, something that used to appear in casino and arcade machines but rarely is included in modern slots. Hold is a great way to freeze one or two reels in a good position, leaving the remaining reels to spin again to try and make the match. Hold will only freeze the reels once before releasing them to spin as normal in the following turn. The club game is more expansive, and you can choose to play it with either 5 or 10 coins, one of which is taken from the “coin meter” and the rest from the “club meter”. You can’t hold more than 200 coins on the club meter; if you go over this amount it will revert to the coin meter. The club game is played the same way as the base game except that you’ll have 27 pay lines and therefore a much bigger chance of winning.

Cast Your Spell

Of course, as well as playing on either the base or club games, there’s also the tantalising wheel at the top of the slot and that’s what you’ll be aiming for. You’ll have the chance to try and play for this if you bet on the club game but you’ll need to line up three stars on the reels. Once on the Magic Circle, you’ll start on the outer circle and if you hit a prize, advance to the next ring. If you land on the “stop” sign your turn will be over. If this kind of game has a kind of magical attraction for you, there are plenty of other slots you’ll find such as 10 Times Wild by 888 Games. Another fruit slot with 3 reels and a single payline, it will deliver the authentic casino experience that players love.

Classic and Cool

Magic Circle from Novomatic is a classic style of fruit machine brought online in to a video slot format. Staying true to the traditional play, there are two sets of games and a bonus prize wheel too. Beginners might find this a tad confusing, and with the strategic know-how required to use the Hold feature effectively, this is a slot which is more suited to advanced players.