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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Music Island by Novomatic is a fruit themed slot with a bit of a difference. Using traditional symbols from classic fruit machines, Novomatic take them, splash a bit of unique magic on them and throw them into a rock festival full of star traits from rock and pop as a tribute concert. It has cute animations and great music to get the show on the road or rather, on the island with 5 reels and 50 paylines. To get a ticket for the greatest show around, players will need plenty of coins and time to spare with the promise of some great entertainment.

The musical island will have players busting dance moves and grooving along in casinos online or on mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets. The minimum stake is just 1 coin per payline and with 50 of them; the minimum total bet works out to be 50. That is quite high but all the 50 lines are in play so it increases the chance for winning matches to fall across at least one or more of them. The max bet is set at a really high limit of 10000 which almost seems a little mind blowing, but playing the high stakes brings in the high paying prizes.

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On the Main Stage

This is a star studded gig and has a star studded stage to match. It’s designed with 3D graphics on a backdrop of lots of squares that is part of a giant light show using the pulse of the music to oscillate the light levels in time with the beat. In between the acts, there is a disco track to keep the punters entertained until the acts show up in enough numbers to perform on the reels.

So what can players expect to get for the minimum bet we hear you ask? Although everyone is a star, there is an order of payouts of which full details can be found on the pay table. But for a brief idea of what the set list will be, the warm up acts are the orange queen tribute, the motown lemon revival act and the Kiss Cherries, and these are worth 100 for 5 rocking onto the stage along a win line. The support acts are the Bob Marley melon guy whose love for the reggae star captures his essence perfectly, and the Gangsta Rapper who stands for all with a mixture of Coolio and Ice Cube in his tribute performance. They are worth 200 for 5. Usually there is a headline act but for the Music Island festival there are three. Novomatic provide great value for money!

Welcome to the Stage

First on for the headliners is the Madonna Bell, who’s hoping to get rung for the very first time and take the punters on a holiday of all payouts. The Queen of dance offers 400 for 5 of her lining up. There are many Elvis tribute acts but not like this one, the wild symbol number 7 wants everyone to join in Viva Las Vegas style with his payout value of 2000. He’s acting as a substitute performer but he still has a killer encore coming up to slay the crowd.

Michael Jackson may have left this world, but his music lives on and the star symbol proves to be a bit of a thriller with his moonwalk as the scatter symbol. He’s bad and you know it because he doesn’t need a payline, he just needs to appear and with 5 to reward, he’s not a smooth criminal, but a smooth 25 000. But raise those hand held lights up for the final crowd flickering tribute, it’s Elvis that steals the show with his encore of wilds filling up the reel stage to the tune of a staggering 100 000!

The After Show Party

After every great rock show, there needs to be an after show party. Keeping it on a fruit theme, Banana Party by Casino Technology is a top 5 by 3 reel slot with up to 25 paylines to score some good value prizes. The banana is the wonder fruit that wants to slip his skin and run wild on the reels. The symbols can stack and the scatter is a dazzling glitter ball to cast a magical sparkle onto the party crowd. There’s plenty of fruit with cherries, apples, plums, lemon and melon and a red 7 thrown in for luck. Looking to play, punters can wager from 1 to 250 coins to get a piece of the party action.

Concert Reviews Are In

They say that you never forget your first concert and Music Island is one of those slot games that sticks in the mind. It’s got great looks, great sounds and great prizes to play for. There aren’t a lot of fancy features to bamboozle players with, and this allows the slot to retain a very classic feel with the zesty twist of giving the fruit hints of character traits. It’s edgy for all the right reasons.

It can be a little balance zapping at times, but the pay table looks good. We think Music Island could be the Isle of Wight music festival of the fruit world and it’s one that we will be sure to pay a return visit to.