OpenBet Online Slots

It can be hard sometimes to remember that online casinos make up only a small part of the online gambling world. That’s why it can be dangerous to judge a company based on how well they’re known in just this one sector of the gaming industry. A relatively small player when it comes to slots and table games can be a leader in other sectors.

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One group that definitely fits that bill is OpenBet. If you just look at the online casino market, you’ll notice that the company only works with a handful of sites, mainly in regulated European jurisdictions. But that’s a misleading image of what this developer actually provides. Founded in 1996 as Orbis Technologies, this London-based company is a major supplier to bookmakers, lotteries, and other betting systems that are run by governments looking for secure and reliable regulated solutions: everything from the back-end products that make everything work behind the scenes to the individual games that players interact with.

Over the past 20 years, OpenBet has expanded to open offices in Montreal and Sydney, giving them a truly global reach. They are also now part of the NYX Gaming Group, along with other well-known brands like NextGen Gaming. And while their focus may be on the lottery and sports betting markets, you don’t want to overlook their casino products, which include some engaging and fun games.

OpenBet Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Full Casino Platform

Despite their limited casino exposure, it should come as little surprise that OpenBet offers a little bit of everything when it comes to their offerings for operators. After all, this is a developer that is known for building both back and front end products, so it only makes sense that they would have an entire suite of games prepared for anyone who wanted to take advantage of their software.

This starts with a very robust collection of slot machines. At the time of this writing, there are more than 80 different slots available, a number that stacks up against all but the very biggest software providers in the industry. These games feature not only very good graphics and art quality, but also incorporate plenty of animations, video, and sound effects. In other words, while there are games here that date back throughout the company’s two decades of production, there’s also a lot here that looks perfectly modern.

One of the things that surprised us a bit was just how many branded and licensed titles are included in this collection. For instance, there’s the Highlander game, a slot machine based on the classic 1980s fantasy film about immortals who stage swordfights to the death. The basic game structure is fairly simple: it’s a five-reel layout with 20 paylines. But fans of the film will be impressed by the sheer number of audio and video clips that have been included in this title. Start the game, win a prize, browse the pay table, or trigger a special feature, and you’ll be treated to a memorable line or moment from the movie. There are even three different bonuses, including one that pits you against The Kurgan in a recreation of the film’s climactic battle.

Similarly, you might enjoy Hole in the Wall, which is based on the television series that has been produced in a few different markets worldwide. This machine’s silly theming is mostly in service of a pretty typical game: five-reels, 20 lines again, with plenty of standard poker rank symbols along with a few cartoonish depictions of players on the red and blue teams. But just beneath the surface, there are a lot of fun little features to discover: a replay function that provides an instant extra spin, as well as a special bonus round in which you’ll play a version of the television show in order to collect cash and prizes.

Of course, these are just a few of the many different slots you can try when playing around with the OpenBet software. There’s a good variety of branded titles, classic themes, and original creations that are a bit different than what you’ve seen on other sites. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our favorites:

OpenBet also has a small but interesting collection of table games on offer. What we liked most about these products was just how nice they looked. They have a class and elegance to them that makes them feel a bit more like a real table at a high-end resort, rather than just a digital interface that lets you interact with a random number generator. There are even some unusual and branded games among this selection. Some of the games available include:

Video poker isn’t exactly a forte of this studio, but they do have a handful of machines that you can try if you enjoy testing your luck and skill. You can choose from Jacks or Better or Jokers Wild, both of which are offered in versions that allow for as many as 50 hands to be played simultaneously.

A number of other titles are included in what OpenBet calls its “Reactor Games.” As a group, these are similar to the popular “match three” games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush, and are luck-based: players place a bet, watch as a variety of symbols of different types fall into place, and win if they make large strings of the same symbol. As wins occur, they will leave the screen, allowing more symbols to fall into place, potentially winning even more prizes. These include games like Chain Reactors and Chain Reactors: All Sports. Other specialty titles are also offered, including pachinko and keno.

Award Winning Operator

OpenBet’s collection of casino titles, as we’ve detailed above, is certainly impressive enough to interest plenty of players, and would make a fine base for any casino operator (and might even work as a solo effort). But we probably wouldn’t rank the software among the best in the slots or casino gaming world. That’s not at all a slight against the company; the reality is simply that there are other firms that are wholly dedicated to this part of the industry.

Meanwhile, this company is more focused on sports betting and lotteries. For many players, that might actually be a great thing. If you’re into sports betting but also love playing more traditional resort-style online gambling games, then OpenBet could well be the perfect software provider for you. They work with many top European bookmakers to give a top-of-the-line sportsbook experience, all while also providing more than a few great slots, blackjack, roulette, and other options for an all-around experience.

If you have any doubt that this studio knows what it is doing, their track record of being recognized within the industry should put those fears to rest. From 2010-2015, OpenBet won the prestigious eGaming Review Sports Betting Supplier of the Year award, putting them head-and-shoulders above the competition. They’ve also won the award for best In-Play Betting Software of the Year twice, among many other accolades.

An Excellent Choice for Gamblers of All Kinds

There are a lot of people who will enjoy themselves by playing at sites that utilize the OpenBet software package. As we said, their slots collection in particular is quite strong, especially for a firm that doesn’t specialize in that side of the gaming world. Even if other major providers have games offered alongside of this firm’s – which is often the case, as they work with many developers to allow a variety of games to be used with their backend systems – you might find at least a few titles that you like as much or more than those in other collections.

But the biggest strength here is the fact that OpenBet is one of the top providers when it comes to offering up reliable, trusted sports betting options. If you want to place bets on the world’s biggest sporting events, but also have an interest in playing blackjack, slots, or video poker, then you’ll find everything you want in this package.

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