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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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When it’s been a tough day and you’re looking to unwind a little, there’s no need to drift into a daydream world when you can have the real thing with the free Bingo Dream bingo game. Land based bingo is loved worldwide, so if you haven’t played before but you love online slot games, seek out this video bingo game to try, as online bingo can be just as much, if not more fun with great prizes to enjoy.

With a colourful and idyllic looking landing screen, the play area is crisp and game settings easy to navigate to get the bingo balls in play. Players can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards to play with bets to place of 1 to 20 credits per card. Overall total bets play at between 1 to 80 credits with the top prizes at the high limit bets coming in at 30000 for making bingo, which to the uninitiated is all the numbers crossed off a single bingo card.

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Free Fall Fun

Bingo Dream is a free game, which means players can play for fun credits instead of real cash which is great for trying out games before committing to play for real money and also great news for novice players to get used to how online casino games work with no risk. The important prize winning patterns are featured along the upper screen with 15 different chances to win. Each card has 15 squares of numbers that as the 30 balls are released into the play area turn to black. Any winning lines show up in red, and the corresponding prize patterns flash to signal a win has either been made or is near. If a win is made, it is displayed on the top of the relevant winning card.

All the betting and game settings are accessed from the game menu at bottom left. The speed in which the balls are released can be in one of 3 modes, normal, fast or turbo. It’s also possible to set up auto play, although this will be interrupted for any extra balls that may feature.

Going the Extra Distance

When extra balls are offered, this is for when a potential win is near and the machine thinks that there is a good chance of it coming within the next 15 balls. Bear in mind, it’s a 60 ball machine and 30 get released into the main game so although there’s 15 extra, there’s also 15 balls left that won’t play. This is where a bit of nerve is needed to go that extra gamble. Some of the balls can be pricey, although the machine is kind enough to provide the odd free ball or a Z ball. These unique Z balls have the power to mark off any number needed, and the machine will even lend a hint of which number to choose for the biggest prizes.

The game has neat sounds to go with the action, especially the shouts when making certain wins. There are some lucky talisman settings. These are a familiar Zitro feature and appear to be good luck charms. We chose the lucky cat. We cannot comment if it brought us any luck or not, but we did enjoy winning plenty of prizes.

Serving up a Dish

If you are like us, many of our dreams feature food! So we combined the two with the free Chef Bingo to compare it to Bingo Dream. Very similar with up to 4 cards to play, there is a more recognisable theme to this one and an added bonus of a progressive jackpot to win, but only when playing all 4 cards above a bet of 3 on each one. It’s a 90 ball machine that releases 32 balls from the menu with a possible 10 extra balls should the machine allow it.

These balls can also come at a price to purchase. There are 6 patterns to match on the cards for wins, with the top prize being 30,000. It’s a fun game, but the sound needed to be switched off for us, as it tended to sound manic, especially when playing in turbo mode. It’s a tasty morsel that’s worth snacking on to try out.

Bingo Lingo

When the landing screen appears, Bingo Dream offers a sight into a colourful fantasy world, but then changes into a plain and quite dark green background to place the bingo cards on. Although this looks a little drab by comparison, it allows the contrast of the vibrant bingo balls to make the game burst with life. You won’t want to be nodding off anytime soon! The sounds are also great and well placed and make celebrating wins feel special.

Auto play is a nice feature although it does get a little annoying as it’s interrupted for the extra balls. However, with the price of some of the balls it’s preferable than having auto purchase added to run away with the balance. Zitro Interactive knows their bingo audience and it shows with the games they deliver. Try it and see for yourself.