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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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To understand Slingo Extreme, first you must understand slingo. Basically, it’s what happens when you take bingo and combine slots. Sounds crazy and totally out there, but it’s been proven once already with the original version of this game and now it’s about to be proven in the super juiced up on steroids version that is Slingo Extreme.

You don’t have to be an extreme sports enthusiast accustomed to living life to the max to appreciate Slingo Extreme. You just have to appreciate that bingo is broken man and we need to do something about it. Slingo Extreme is the answer to all the prayers you never got round to making.

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Cracking Concept

Before we go any further then, let’s just confirm where we’re at: slots + bingo = slingo. It’s not magic or novel or particularly clever, but the name works at least and the concept also works. Slingo Extreme sounds edgy, whacky and out there. It sounds like a game for people who enjoy wakeboarding and longboarding and parkour. In fact, as it transpires, Slingo Extreme isn’t quite that devilish.

It does, however, provide a few twists to the original game of slingo. Nothing major, but just enough variety to justify repackaging and rebranding the game under a new moniker. When the game loads, you’ll find yourself looking at what appears to be a regular 75-ball bingo board. It measures 5×5 and is very red. That’s red as in fire, anger, aggression. The sort of qualities you associate with extremity in other words.

Live Large With Slingo

Another possible interpretation of the word ‘slingo’ is that it’s the name of some remote Irish village in the middle of nowhere. It may indeed be just that, but it’s something that’s hard to ascertain one way or another. Regardless of the word’s origins, it’ll be interesting to see if slingo takes off as a concept or becomes a meme that never even reaches meme status. A forced meme that gains zero traction. Nomenclature and origins aside, Slingo Extreme is a mobile-friendly game that should work well on iPhone or Android tablet devices as well as on smartphones.

When it loads, you’ll find yourself staring at a familiar 5×5 board, the sort that could easily be used to play 75-ball bingo. And in many respects, you are playing bingo: there’s a hopper full of balls that spins and then releases five in a row which appear below the board. There’s also a scoring system that’s reliant on one-line, two lines and full house. But there’s also more. You’ve got free spins for example, something which never happens with regular bingo. And you’ve got jokers which serve as wilds and super jokers which serve as super wilds or something. It’s all highly irregular but highly entertaining.

Go Wild

The basics of Slingo Extreme are easy to grasp but how does this all tie in with slots? What’s the connection? It’s not immediately apparent, but it becomes clearer once you access the playing guide. Click on the ‘i’ button and you’ll be taken through to an extremely well designed playing guide that leaves no stone uncovered and which makes it very easy to work out what’s going on. See you’ve got these regular balls which appear every time you hit spin but over and above that you’ve got these special symbols that can also get drawn in the same manner and they’re where this game gets interesting.

For example, you can win up to eight extra spins at the end of each game. (That’s after the 11 spins you’ve already been assigned as part of the regular game.) You’ve got super jokers to contend with too. They’re a good thing incidentally. Any time one of these fellas appears from the hopper along with all the other balls, you can select a number on your ticket and mark it as completed. Obviously it makes sense to select a ball that will ease you closer to completing a single or double line. Do that and you’ll be on your way to riches, or pocketing a modest payday at least.

Slingo Extreme Summary

So what’s the verdict on Slingo Extreme? Well, it might not be particularly extreme and its graphics and animations might be fairly standard but it’s a fun little game alright. Regardless of whether you’re in Team Bingo, Team Slots or couldn’t give a damn either way, this is a fun and profitable game to play, especially if you crank the max bet all the way up to 100 coins per spin, which leaves the door open to landing the jackpot of 20,00 coins. Do that and you’ll be singing slingo’s praises forevermore.