Wheel of Fortune Winning Words

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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It’s pretty much impossible for the Italian iGaming giants IGT to release a new game isn’t met with hysterical anticipation from all corners of the industry. With a sturdy reputation built on the non-stop delivery of high quality and progressive format games of all varieties, from classic slots to instant wins and everything in between, this gaming house can really do no wrong in the eyes of an ever-increasing portion of the population.

Spirits have been on a solid high then, since the announcement of one of their most recent wonders: the free Wheel of Fortune Winning Words title. With only one word of intent within what is, let’s face it, an absolute mouthful of a name, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this thing. Now that the moment has finally arrived, we can wait to share our thoughts with you!

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Fortunate Theme

All of the punters among you with anything more than just a few weeks experience will inevitably have a pretty solid idea of what this game is going to look like. Wheel-based themes are an increasingly popular format, and are known throughout the industry for their sharp imagery. Free Wheel of Fortune Winning Words certainly doesn’t disappoint on this front, packing an impressive roster of game feature icons into limited space – and all with immaculate 3D graphics.

Without any reels whatsoever, all of the games action takes place within the fields present on its big, bold and brash wheel. It’s not a million miles away from a cheesy 1980s Saturday night television show in all honesty, an observation that’s either going to sell it entirely or repel you forever. Finished with some pretty immersive sound effects to this end, the game is sheer testament to the fact that software by IGT is some of the very best available on the market right now!

Come on Down

Play starts in exactly the manner that you’d expect: players are prompted to enter their wager amount for the ensuing round. This particular online Wheel of Fortune Winning Words is capable of placing bets at the value of £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. It may not seem like there’s that much variance, but you can’t deny the amount of short term scope this is likely to offer up to high roller types.

The game begins as three words appear at absolute random on the integrated game display. Simultaneously, at the other end of the display, three coloured arrows appear that all correspond in colour with one of the words. As the wheel spins (once you set it to spin), it stops at a range of different cash values. The more accurate these stops are in relation to the arrows and corresponding words previous auto-selected, the greater the wins. It’s easy to get hold of once you’ve played a quick round or two, though admittedly a little complex on paper.

As each round comes to an end – with the successful matching of values and words – a rather ingenious additional feature comes screaming into play. 12 random cards are dealt to the user facedown. As is traditionally the case, each card packs a varying letter which then corresponds to a real cash attachment capable of doing real wonders for the players pot. It’s nothing unique, but still a fun additional feature that comes at you out of the blue.

Work Pays

Whether you like to play for free or enjoy high limit action, there’s no question that this game is likely to grab hold of you for a considerable period of time – if you let it, that is. True, there are games with higher limits that tick many of the same boxes as this one, but none come to mind that are so, well, charming.

What is also worth noting is the great deal of control this console offers players. By offering very few increments that scale a £9 gap, the producers have successfully eliminated much of the pedantic fuss all so often involved in iGaming conquests, while retaining the all-important aspects that can only be provided by allowing players a deep range of choice when it comes to placing their bets.

Wheeling into the Sunset

As is often the case with games of this variance – Wheel of Fortune Winning Words possesses a return-to-player percentage of 93% – that main draw here was always going to be the theme upon which the console is built. By all accounts, it’s solid. But that doesn’t mean to say this thing can’t pack a real punch if required to.

A few plays into learning its ways and it’s likely that the best, most secure routes towards success will illuminate in your head. It’s far from being a complex game to play, but there are a few separate features and functions that must first be acknowledged before it can be truly mastered. This works to give the game a deepness and mystery that most other comparable titles simply lack.