Pariplay Online Slots

If you start to get familiar with the many different online casino software providers that are active in the industry today, a pattern begins to emerge. Almost without exception, these companies are focused primarily on making slot machines. While many developers create a wide variety of games to fill out their portfolios, the majority definitely are slots, as these are the most universally played and profitable games on the market today.

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But that’s not true of every single studio out there. One notable exception is Pariplay, a software provider that established itself back in 2010. Originally headquartered in the Isle of Man, the company moved itself to another gambling hub – Gibraltar – in 2016. Unlike most of its competitors, this firm is actually best known for their collection of scratch cards and instant win games.

Unsurprisingly, they also have quite a fair number of slot machines themselves as well. But this is one of the rare cases where a developer has chosen not to make this an overwhelming focus of their casino creations. It’s a decision that might seem a bit odd, but also one that has seen them included in a wide range of casinos either as a centerpiece or a complement to games brought in from other groups.

Pariplay Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Little Bit of Everything

Normally, when we start one of these reviews, we begin by highlighting the slots created by each business. But Pariplay doesn’t make the one-armed bandits the focus of their library, and so we’ll start instead with the games they put front and center: their scratch cards.

These games are often dismissed by experienced gamblers, but more casual players can get a lot of enjoyment out of these scratchers, and even more serious gamers might like occasionally taking a break from the intensity of their normal games by firing off a few tickets and seeing if they come away with a prize.

This developer has created a selection of more than 20 different scratch-off games, each of which has its own theming, and some of which are even fairly unique in their gameplay. For the most part, however, these are pretty standard games of this type. Games like Dr. Scratchwell’s New Adventure follow the formula you’ve seen a million times before: players buy a card at the denomination of their choice, then scratch a 3×3 grid in the hopes of matching three identical symbols – in this case, a variety of different bugs, ranging from a mosquito that will earn you back your stake to a jackpot butterfly that’s worth 10,000x what you paid for your card. There are a few other interesting titles in this section, including:

  • Poker Match
  • Alchemist
  • Hollywood Stars
  • Dragon Scrolls
  • $100,000 Cash Cuisine
  • Ocean Fortune

There’s another set of 20 instant win offerings that offer various types of gameplay. Interestingly, some of these even offer automated versions of table games – the closest Pariplay comes to offering this sort of gameplay. For instance, there is a blackjack offering in this part of their library, but you won’t be making any strategic decisions; instead, you’ll pay for four hands, and be paid various prizes if any of them happen to beat the dealer based on their initial two cards. Essentially, these are also completely luck-based games, but offer a very different look and feel than the scratchers described above.

These include titles like Super Skee Ball, Mystery Quest, and Over/Under, all of which offer up quick ways to place a bet or two and get instant results. Similarly, there is a small selection of bingo and keno based games that are based on quick drawings, along with Poker Dice, which has you rolling a set of dice to make the best poker hands possible.

Of course, even Pariplay has spent a lot of time and effort to develop a suite of slot machines to compliment the instant games we’ve described so far. There are about 30 slots in total, so they don’t make up the majority of the portfolio, but they still represent a significant chunk of what’s offered here. The games on tap represent a mix of original collections and some licensed properties, with the style and graphical quality of the titles varying tremendously.

When it comes to the licensed games, the main contributor is Atari, with a handful of slots being based on classic video games that came from their home console systems in the 1980s. A great example is Star Raiders, based on the space combat simulation first popularized back in 1979. This is a five-reel, 20-payline slot machine that features a look that manages to be both retro and modern at the same time: the fonts of a classic Atari cartridge are combined with a very futuristic looking interface that puts you at the helm of a starship.

Players are tasked with matching everything from poker ranks like kings and aces to a variety of spaceships and satellites. Three free spins symbols will take you into a “Red Alert” mode where you’ll see the game transform into a 243 Ways game in which any group of consecutive matching symbols will win, regardless of their exact positions. Other features include locked wilds that can stay in place for several spins, with five consecutive wilds earning players a massive prize.

We also enjoyed trying out The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court, a machine that pays tribute to the classic comedy trio. Over five reels and 25 lines of action, players will get to enjoy some of the most famous bits from Larry, Curly and Moe, thanks to short animated clips that play when you match each of the Stooges on the reels. A free spins game will get you into the Black Bottom Café with up to 25 free plays, while two parrot symbols will get you into Whack-A-Juror, a bonus game in which you’ll get to enjoy some slapstick with the members of the jury, earning prizes until you miss three times. Another bonus round will see you choosing evidence to tag in order to collect instant prizes.

As we said, there are some original titles here too, including one known as Fur Balls. This is a game that will see you matching what look to be living embodiments of little plush toys, giving this game an adorable look: while you’re playing, some of these guys will be bouncing around in the background. Beyond the cute theme, this title also includes plenty of interesting gameplay elements, from random wilds that can be added to the reels at any time to the ever present free spins game and a bonus round with guaranteed wins.

These may be some of our favorite games from Pariplay, but the developer has many other quality offerings as well. A few others that we enjoyed are:

  • Asteroids
  • Black Widow
  • The Magical Forest
  • Tokyo Nights
  • Fruit Abduction
  • Ooga Booga Jungle
  • Crypt Keeper
  • Secret Jewels of Azteca

Platform Includes Content from Leading Providers

Pariplay has enjoyed solid growth in recent years, and much of that is due to the fact that they can deliver not only gaming content, but also a complete iGaming solution for their clients. That means that an operator who wants to set up a new casino can get everything they need in one place, rather than trying to navigate the confusing worlds of banking for gambling sites, player management, and the technical details of making sure games run fairly and smoothly all on their own.

One reason why the Pariplay platform has gained in popularity is the number of partnerships the company has signed, which have allowed them to get many other leading developers to contribute their games. That means that sites running on this software not only offer the games above, but often also include titles from Microgaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, Scientific Games and other leading studios, providing more than enough variety to satisfy any gambler.

While Pariplay hasn’t won any major awards yet, they are a regular at the biggest industry trade shows. They regularly exhibit at both the International Casino Expo and G2E, ensuring that their biggest innovations are always on display for the entire iGaming world to see.

A Strong Developer with an Unusual Focus

Pariplay isn’t one of the old guard of original online software developers, but they’re also not one of the new breed of content creators that have cropped up in the last couple years. Instead, they sit somewhere in the middle: enough experience to be well-regarded throughout the industry, but still new enough to be fresh and different from the major players.

It is a little unusual that this company focuses largely on casual, arcade style games rather than the slots that are the biggest part of almost every provider’s collection. But that shouldn’t lead players to dismiss what they are offering here. Even if you don’t want to play the scratch cards or similar offerings – which have definitely given Pariplay a unique look – their slots are also high quality, with many games that stand up well against the top slots providers on the market today. Throw in all of the other games that are included on their platform from other developers, and you have a package that’s definitely worth your time and attention.