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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Easter primarily means chocolate to children (and many adults) across the globe, but to some it’s all about the celebration of Christ’s resurrection… oh, and the joy of Easter Cash Basket. Pariplay decided they wanted a piece of this holiday’s action, and so they created the ideal slot machine for the occasion. And best of all, you can play it all year round, no matter the season.

Due to the fact that this real cash slot is geared at the general masses, it’ll come as no surprise that the imagery here samples the chocolate and fluffy delights of the holiday rather than religious ones. Ironically though, we’d like to have seen this brand challenge generic conventions and produce a more standout title, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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Smashing Eggs

There’s a bonus round to get to, but before we hop to it, we want to cast an eye to the explosive nature of the scatter egg. This attractively decorated egg doesn’t deliver free games, like you may have expected, but multipliers instead, as much as x30. Consequently this means that you can get a lot of cash in a short amount of time, if the symbols line up right. However, this is hardly the most diverse special feature we’ve played, in fact, it’s quite limited in what it delivers.

Nonetheless, when you weigh the cons of this slot alongside the inclusion of the main bonus round, we feel that what’s given is more than adequate enough. Note our enthusiasm; we just feel a little short changed in this part of the real cash slot, but hopefully the bonus will cheer us up.

Here Bunny Bunny

This slot machine wouldn’t be Easter friendly if it didn’t have a bunny involved, and an interactive bunny at that; Easter Cash Basket needs your help to locate the matching egg. To do this you’ll need to match between three and five of the symbols, which is no small feat. When you do this you’ll be taken to a new window, lined with covered baskets and a giant white rabbit holding an egg; you need to find the matching eggs.

It sounds like a bind, but it isn’t that bad at all as this round promises a win every time, so you’ll find a match, but the number of matches will vary each time you trigger the level. This type of select me bonus is commonly seen in the slot machine world, so in truth you don’t get anything innovative here. That being said, having experienced a number of titles without any bonus at all, the fact that one’s included is refreshing in its own way.

Copy Cat…?

We were merrily playing when we stumbled across Playtech’s Easter Surprise… we then grinded to a halt and stood open mouthed because we were greeted with a similar aesthetic. This isn’t just a case of slightly being alike, but rather that it’s hard to tell which one came first, and therefore which design is the original. We appreciate that themes like this are hard to keep unique in general, but such sameness can’t be by mistake.

Nonetheless, we think that due to the likeness found between the two, you’ll enjoy Playtech’s version just as much as Pariplay’s, if not more. Then again, you might think it’s all too samey, but sadly that’s what you get with holiday inspired slot machines, a factor we gamers simply have to like or lump.

Eggs in a Basket

Having not played too many Pariplay slots before, we were surprised at how well constructed the game was; when you know little about a brand, it can feel like a game of roulette. That being said, while we appreciate the features and aesthetic, we feel that more is needed to make this game a top name activity. Don’t get us wrong, users will enjoy the gameplay for a short period, but it’ll never stimulate anyone for prolonged periods. Maybe that’ll satisfy most of you, but for us we want more.