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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Scratch Card has something a bit different for you to try: Royal Charm, a mix of real cash slots and instant wins coming together to make one intriguing game. It’s difficult to explain a game such as this as just a slot machine, for it has so many features not traditionally seen within the industry. That being said, to not acknowledge its slot ancestory would be unforgivable, for it’s part of what makes this activity so entertaining.

Seeing as you’ve only got a 3×3 grid to work with, and no set winlines as it were, you have a very niche matrix of images with which to play. As a result, the paytable isn’t as large or as diverse as others you may have come across in the past, however when compared with other instant wins, this is probably the most balanced we’ve seen.

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There’s something very regal about the design employed here, even though there’s little more than the title to make it feel so – perhaps it’s the dramatic music humming away in the background? Whatever the reason, you’ll be taken in by the royalty of the design, even though in truth it has little more flare than that of a commoner.

Take the intensity of the blue background, for example, it’s overkill if we’re honest, even though it does emphasis the grid of scratch cards you need to reveal. What is more, there’s no real depth to what you’re engaging with, which makes the gameplay feel rather flat, even though you have an interactive symbol to move about the squares of the network.

In the Money

The paytable, found on the right hand side, comes in several forms, all of which depend on what you bet; if you go in at the low end, the most you can achieve is 5,000 credits. Not bad, but when you consider that the maximum bet wields wins valued at 100,000, you’ll soon be clicking to up your stake total.

The biggest problem with this though is that your wins and losses come a lot quicker than with conventional slot machines. Normally you have a set bet amount, and it decreases when you lose and increases when you win, but here if you lose, that’s it and you have to start again. And guess what, that means putting down another stake. That’s okay if you’re playing with only 0.50 per game, but if you’re playing with the maximum wager of 10 credits, it’s soon going to cost you a small fortune.

Lucky Charm

If you want to get technical, there is a special to be found in Royal Charm and it comes from, well, the royal charm. This interactive image can be placed on any of the nine squares; should it be part of a successful win, you’ll be given the chance to double what you’ve earned.

You’ll be shown only three wooden chests, which doesn’t allow much room to maneuver, but thankfully each of the prizes inside are of a considerable size, meaning you always get something good from this feature. The highest amount users can walk away with is 200%, but there’s also a 150% and 120% to be obtained as well.

Sadly though, there’s a catch to this process and that’s the volatility of it; we played quite a few games of Royal Charm and didn’t get one chance to open the chests. We did, naturally, play with the lowest amount possible, so that may have some bearing on the outcome, but either way, this feature is tough going.

Short but Sweet

Even though Scratch Card have tried to think outside the box here, and deliver a game that has wider audience appeal, they haven’t been successful in their execution. At least not by our standards. There’s just not enough longevity for us to feel connected and involved in Royal Charm, meaning we soon turn off from its (lack of) features. This slot is ideal for those quick fix gaming moments, when you want instant fun, but thereafter it becomes a toy that’s lost its shine.

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