PlayPearls Online Slots

If we asked you to pick a location that you assumed was the center of the online gambling industry, your answer might well depend on just how familiar you are with the industry. There are plenty of different locations where many companies have converged, with different regions having hubs that are known for their friendliness to the industry. But the largest just might be Malta, the Mediterranean island nation where many internationally-renowned gaming sites are licensed, and where many more developers and other industry companies have decided to set up shop in order to be as close to the action as possible.

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One of the boatload of software providers that have been headquartered in Malta is PlayPearls, a development studio that was first established in 2012. The company has worked to establish itself as a firm that can deliver everything to operators, rather than just a few nice looking slots. That means they have produced a variety of games, including a suite of live dealer options, along with a complete backend system that is capable of handling everything from banking to customer service and management, all in a package that can quickly be integrated into a new site.

PlayPearls Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Numerous Games, But Quality Varies

If you’re a slots lover, then you’ll have a field day at any casino that uses the PlayPearls software. That’s because these machines are their bread and butter, making up the bulk of the collection they offer. There are dozens of different titles – well over 50 in total – covering a variety of themes, and there are new options being released every month.

Overall, this is a portfolio that’s pretty satisfactory, but we can’t say that it is particularly impressive. Graphically, these games are a bit simplistic and dated: there are a lot of rather simple, 2D drawings that lack much in the way of animation. This varies depending on the machine you are playing, of course, but overall, while the presentation isn’t terrible by any means, it is well below the standards of what the top-level competition has been putting on the market over recent years.

For instance, let’s take the game 28 Spins Later. This is a clever way to jump into the always popular zombie theme (for those who failed to make the connection: it’s a parody of the movie 28 Days Later), and the basic gameplay idea is fine: a five-reel, 20-payline slot machine that has you matching a variety of weapons, brains, and zombies across the reels. Throw in wilds and a scatter than can earn you up to 40 free spins, and you have a solid basis for a horror-themed slot. However, there’s no more depth beyond that, and the presentation is rather bland – we liked the scary music, and the zombies look frightening enough, but there’s nothing really happening on screen – and you have a pretty generic, mediocre slot.

Another example is Space Adventure, a game that sounds generic even in its title. Again, there is the familiar 20-line, five-reel format, this time with aliens, planets, and monsters making up the symbols. Once again, it’s a pretty static experience, and the free spins game only adds so much to the gameplay. However, this game does have some signs of life: an added pick-and-win bonus round is a fun way to collect bigger prizes, and we did at least enjoy the colorful display, which is a little more stimulating for the eyes than a bland, mono-color backdrop.

One better looking creation is Golden Dragon, which once again uses the stock five-reel format we’ve described above. However, in this one, we really enjoyed the drawings of the dragons, which range from traditional-looking Chinese legends to more familiar Western depictions of these fantastic creatures. Even the backdrop is attractive, featuring a red base with printings of dragons that create a nice visual effect. However, this is effectively the same game as many others in their portfolio: once again, you’ll see a free spins game that can award up to 40 bonus plays, and no other special features.

We don’t want to be too hard of the PlayPearls slots collection: these games are all fine enough. However, that’s not enough to really stand out in the modern industry, when so many other developers are pulling out all the stops in order to try to push their games to the highest level possible. In contrast, these are what we’d classify mostly as filler games: they won’t stand out at a casino site, but they make up a nice base of reliable, reasonably fun games that give players lots of choices. A few of the more interesting titles in this library include:

  • Gangster City
  • Hippie Roll
  • Hot Wheel
  • Las Vegas
  • Dangerous Billy
  • Asgard’s Gold
  • Bloody Mary’s Booty
  • Chubby Princess

Beyond slots, PlayPearls also has a full range of table games and instant win options, which specifically means a rather large range of scratch card and keno games. Of these offerings, though, one area in particular is noteworthy: their live dealer games. The company has done a great deal of work to promote the use of live games that are streamed directly from casinos, so that viewers watching from their homes through an Internet casino can place bets on the same hands and spins as those players actually at the live resorts.

For instance, there are venues in Ireland, such as the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin, where players can watch real baccarat games being played from the privacy of their own homes. The company also broadcasts live roulette, which can also be played on mobile devices, which is a definite plus. At the moment, we believe these are the only two live dealer options offered by this developer, but they’re definitely the most unique offerings in the entire collection – since most companies who offer these types of games broadcast from a closed studio, these live casino versions definitely have an atmosphere all their own.

Few Sites Run Platform

PlayPearls offers up what they call a white label solution for operators. That means that they can give a new (or existing) site owner everything they need to run a casino, full stop. All the operator needs to do is pick a name, approve a design, and before they know it, the entire site is ready to go.

Given this very versatile and convenient service, it is a bit surprising that we haven’t seen this platform utilized more often across the industry. At the moment, we’re only aware of a handful of casinos that run this software and the associated games, most of which target grey market jurisdictions and are based out of Curacao. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but it makes it clear that this is a small player in the industry, not a developer with a wide reach or a reputation that has operators beating down the door to gain access to their games.

Similarly, we haven’t seen much of the way of participation at conferences from this studio. Not surprisingly, that also means that this isn’t a group winning a ton of awards.

Solid, But That’s All

There’s not much we can say that’s particularly positive or negative about PlayPearls. If we had to find areas to comment on, we’d have to say that the slots games are rather uninspired, and that the lack of strong partnerships throughout the industry is a little bit concerning. On the other hand, their live dealer offerings are pretty interesting, and could definitely be of interest to those who miss the atmosphere of a real world casino.

Overall, however, this feels like a pretty average software platform. Without any exceptional strengths or weaknesses, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd of hundreds of other providers who are trying to attract operators and players. If you happen to find yourself playing at a site that runs this package of games, you should have a good enough time, but we don’t see any particular reason why you really need to seek them out.