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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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A magical land of enchantment and wonder awaits those of you curious enough to enter; Enchanted Lot by Play Pearls is a stunning real cash slot with a lot of character. In a refreshing move by the brand, the 5-reels of the game are actually downplayed in size in a bid to accommodate the theme of the game. We most enjoy this decision, but those who prefer less fuss will undoubtedly feel it unnecessary.

Should you be more concerned with the bare bones of the title and whether it offers variety or not, the variance here is on the medium to high side, with a bonus round, scatters and wilds on offer. This is probably one of the richest interfaces we’ve seen from Play Pearls, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do once you get started.

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What’s This?

We felt a bit like Jack Skellington when we loaded up this title – it has so much promise just from the loading screen, it was hard not to get overstimulated. There’s 3D graphics and a fantasy element that made us think of all the Final Fantasy games in circulation, but we tried to not get our hopes up incase the game was less than impressive. We were wrong.

The matrix is just as visually stunning as the intro screen, and what is more, the graphics appear to be even bolder, which in turn creates a highly immersive and textured game to interact with.

As mentioned before, the grid has been put to one side (quite literally) and the aesthetic has been made to do most of the talking. And yet the variance here is as good as any classic slot machine you might enjoy, in fact we’d argue it’s better; a slot that looks good and plays well. We’ve found ourselves a unicorn.

Plenty to Give

In slot machines, the scatter symbols can sometimes become insignificant, such is the disinterest it can generate, but in Enchanted Lot this tile has a lot to give us. Rather than handing out free spins, it gifts multipliers instead, which we would argue is more rewarding than a round on the house.

As is the norm, between three and five of the symbols will be needed to create a winning combo, but once that happens a win of between x20 and x40 can be added to your initial bet. The amounts on offer are dependent on the number of matches you form; x20 belongs to a match of three, while the x4 is for the match of five.

Enchanted Roulette

The glowing crystal ball of Enchanted Lot opens up into a special feature, based on the common dynamics of a wheel of fortune, though here it’s been called Enchanted Roulette. The prizes aren’t that considerable in all honesty, but the background of the entire level makes up for it entirely. Who cares about a 4 credits win when you have beautiful pixies to gaze at when you start the round?

If we look at this more cynically, we’d have to say that the rewards given here are so lacklustre when you compare them with other games with similar bonus rounds. But the fact that a bonus has been included at all should be appreciated, for a lot of modern slots tend to avoid using them nowadays, though we have no idea why that is.

Simplicity and Beauty

The controls of Enchanted Lot don’t require much knowledge to navigate them, making this one of the most user friendly set of controls we’ve come across. All you need to do is set your amount via the (-) and (+) toggles and then click to spin, with the option of autoplays given inside the spin button.

An advanced settings option is available, but that only alters the sound rather than doing anything of worth, and so there’s little more to this activity.

How Charming

Enchanted Lot is a charming real cash game, designed to take you on a mystical journey through whimsical woodlands, all in the bid to walk away with some cash prizes. If we didn’t know this was a Play Pearls title, we’d have sworn blind it had been made by another brand.