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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Crazy 7 is your one way ticket to experiencing retro gaming without having to build a time machine and travel back into the past; it’s as authentic as it comes. There’s no special extras, there’s no diverse paytable, there’s just a few select symbols that can win you considerable amounts of money.

Due to the dynamics of the slot, with its 1 winline and 3 reels, it’s definitely a game that will entice in a specific crowd, mainly of purist gamers who like the simpler elements of real cash slots. Not that the interface here is boring, for it’s bursting with bright colours; think of it as a pleasant assault on the eyes.

We can chat about our initial feelings all day, but there’s nothing like actually trying out the game for ourselves, and so we kick off with the gameplay.

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Triple Attack Formation

As there are only 3 reels, there’s only a combo of three ever needed to create a win. What is more, as the only symbol available is a 7, you’ll find navigating the cash you can win much easier than with others slots. The red 7s are the highest paying formation of them all, with as much as 400 credits becoming yours, a figure that isn’t dependent on the amount you bet.

Back towards the bottom of the pile, you have the ability to match up any of the coloured 7s to take you to victory; it’ll pay low, as small as 5 credits, but it’ll be a lot easier to line up than 7s of the same colour.

Striking It Lucky

When it comes to Crazy 7 and its difficulty level, we have to say that we find it on the medium to high side. Although we made a couple of wins, most of the time we landed on no symbol at all. The reason for this level of challenge is due to the lack of winlines – paylines allow more movement, and so being limited to one is quite damaging to your success rate. As a result, it’s best that those experienced in slot machines play this game, rather than novice players.

Three Levels of Betting

The betting inside this slot machine is very easy to get to grips with, even despite it having two sections. Basically you have the (-) and (+) widgets that change the cost of the bet, and then the Bet One toggle that alters how many of those credits you put down. By changing the number of coins, you can aim for the higher rewards, with the 400 being the most generous of them all.

Consequently, this is a game where the payout is based on what you bet, just not in the sense you may have been used to. We find it pretty easy going, and that we can potentially get a lot of cash back even though we don’t have to bet more than 0.03 to get started.

Bet Max What?

There’s a Max Bet option that you’ll probably be reaching for if you have the cash to spare, but it might be worth avoiding it, as it does nothing. When we clicked it, it just started the reels rolling, without changing the value of our bet, and so we’re wondering what the point of it is? Normally a button serves a function, but here it’s redundant.

Not so Crazy for You

Crazy 7 needs to be appreciated for what it is: a simple video slot with little to offer. Once you see it like that, you don’t get so disappointed by the lack of variance. That being said, we’ve come across many other slots that fit into the retro category that play much better; this lacks flow in its gameplay.

What is more, the rewards aren’t as substantial as we’d have liked, especially when we can bet as much as 300 credits for a punt – if we bet 300, we want a bigger win than 400.