Dolphin Cash Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It may sound bad to admit this, but when we see a slot machine named something like Dolphin Cash, we can’t help but expect the worst outcome. We’ve played too many slots that have delivered below average gaming with titles like that. Fortunately for us, this real cash slot isn’t about to add to that long list, for Playtech have created an intriguing and bright matrix that is delightfully fun.

This once again goes to show that this brand can think outside the box and land an unusual theme with ease; they did the same with Cat in Vegas. They give us a theme that shouldn’t work, and yet it does, and suddenly all the typical slots seem too bland for our tastes.

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Clear Blue

You’ve probably seen many reviews that comment on the quality of the graphics and how immersive they are, but when we say it about Dolphin Cash we genuinely mean it; there’s not a single element we’d change.

The water looks so good you want to jump right in, especially when you have rain or snow pelting against your windows. This looks like the oasis of your dreams, with each of the symbols delivering that Mediterranean feel, though the inclusion of card values does let the side down.

You can tell from the aesthetic that this is one of the brand’s newer games, which sometimes means that you’ll get given the keys to the kingdom via the design and then be let down by the gameplay. Not here though, here you get both, in all their glory.

Jump, Willie, Jump!

Okay, so this slot machine isn’t about whales but about dolphins, but the quote still applies as you’ve got to help your dolphin jump up into the air to collect coins. It’s like Sonic the Hedgehog, minus Sonic.

All players need to do is click jump, but this game feels like it’s a lot more engaging than take, simply because of how hit and miss your success rate can be. Sometimes you’re helped along by a seagull who collects additional coins for you, but other times you just splash about and get little rewards.

We had a lot of fun playing this level, for it felt more skill based than what we’re used to; we hope Playtech keeps including levels like this in their slot machines.

Something Extra

Beside the title of the slot is a widget that reads XtraWins; we initially overlooked it at first, thinking it would be more trouble than it was worth, but boy were we wrong. This option may put down a slightly larger bet, but in doing so you get a better chance of winning, thanks to the inclusion of additional wilds. Wilds don’t get enough credit, for their substituting wins can bring in all the dough you could ever hope for.

If you’re not sure if this feature is for you, bet with the lowest amount and then give it a quick try. You’ll always know if it’s active or not as the matrix lights up everytime it’s turned on and off.

Coin Toss

Flipping a coin in Dolphin Cash gives you 12 waves to appreciate, without needing to put anymore money into that kitty of yours. What is more, users are given a x3 multiplier for all the wins they make during this time. That’s more than enough for most, but then you have a basic cash prize for simply getting between three and five symbols on your main game grid.

Splish Splash

Dolphin Cash felt like a revelation to us. It delivered from the off, with very few faults to be found, even after several playthroughs. We could watch the shimmering waters all day, and we definitely would like to keep trying our hand at the Dolphin Cash Bonus.

There’s just something about this real cash slot, and we’re sure once you have a punt, you’ll discover its beauty too.