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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Oh lookie here. We got ourselves an Irish slot. How quaint. How original. How green. It’s easy to be cynical any time a developer trots out another slot on an already well-worn theme, and they don’t get much more tired than the notions of Irish luck. Still, if you can see past the sea of green, you might just discover that there’s a charming little game lurking inside the 3 reels of Irish Charms, a game that’s low on originality but high on fun.

Do you ever wonder, when spinning the reels of the umpteenth slot within a particularly saturated genre, what the people it’s modelled on make of it all? Like, do Egyptians enjoy playing ancient Egyptian themed slots in a perverse kind of way? And do the Irish find faux Irish games strangely comforting? That’s one to ponder as you put Irish Charms through its paces.

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Reels of Green

It’s not a given that you have to colour every last element of your Irish slot green, but that’s exactly what Pragmatic Play have done here. There’s a whole lotta green – we’re talking almost every single symbol on the game board – plus a smattering of gold. With only three reels to ogle and two primary colours, Irish Charms is a repetitive game. That’s okay though, for there’s comfort in familiarity, and there’ll be plenty of familiar symbols flashing past as you roll the reels of this slot.

We’re talking four-leaf clovers, leprechaun hats, yet more clovers, pots of gold and horseshoes. These are certainly Irish charms, of that there can be no dispute. There are also a whole lot of 7s which aren’t particularly Irish, despite being rendered in shades of emerald green. Irish Charms is a simple old school slot, one with up to 3 paylines and a betting range which goes from 0.03 to 15.00.

Feeling Lucky?

Lest the preponderance of lucky charms liberally scattered everywhere wasn’t enough to herald good fortune, the exhortation (in green of course) that reads ‘Good luck!’ should seal it. Indeed, there may never have been so many fortune-bearing symbols in one place at the same time as you will encounter in Irish Charms. The game has a Bet Max button and autoplay that can be set at 1,000 per spin – a move that is advisable given the repetitious nature of slots like this.

Hit the Play button – it’s green, naturally – and the reels will set off in a blast of 8-bit arcade music. It’s bleepy and strangely comforting, despite the unsophisticated noises emanating from your speakers. This is a retro slot after all – what else did you expect? If you’re wondering where the scatters are at, there aren’t any, but there are wilds – the green 7s perform that role, substituting for all other symbols. And, er, that’s about it. Three pots of gold are worth 200, three 7s are worth 3,000, two rows of 7s are worth 3,000 and three rows are worth 6,000.

Irish Market

Irish Charms finds itself in a very crowded market with no shortage of competitors. If you nurse a strange penchant for Irish-themed slots, you could try something like Playtech’s Irish Luck. It’s got 30 paylines, 5 reels and an RTP of 94.25%. Up to 33 free spins can be won, accompanied by a multiplier of up to 15x.

Of course there’s a game out there called Luck O’ The Irish, a 5-reel, 40 payline slot from Blueprint, but it’s one that displays even less charm or originality than Irish Charms. In other words, if you wanna play a stereotypical Irish slot, might as well make it a retro one like Irish Charms that at least doesn’t aspire to be anything more than it is.

Too Simple

Irish Charms is about as simple and generic as 3-reel slots get. Some players will likely enjoy its simple green and gold dynamic and no-frills gameplay, but don’t count on this slot keeping your attention for more than about five minutes. It’s fun while it lasts but that fun is short-lived and all too fleeting. Thank goodness for autoplay to spare you from the drudgery of having to stare at this game for too long.