Probability Games Online Slots

The iGaming world is truly global in scope these days. It can be easy to think of the online gambling industry as one that is clustered in some regional enclaves, while other parts of the world are largely ignored. But while that might have been true to some extent when it comes to the land-based gaming sector, in the virtual space, talent and innovation can come from anywhere around the world.

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One great example of this is Probability Games. The company is based out of India, with its headquarters in Delhi. Founded in 2011, the company has looked to be a force for ideas that are a bit outside of the ordinary, creating attractive and versatile solutions for operators around the world. The fact that they can produce these games at a fraction of the cost of other developers is a huge advantage, making this a popular option for quality outsourcing: a role that is similar to those taken by Indian firms in many other industries today.

Probability Games Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Versatility and Quality

One of the most impressive things about what Probability has done with their creations so far is to offer up plenty of options for their clients, which in turn means that gamblers get to enjoy a wide range of different gameplay features through this one software package.

This all starts with the slot machines created by the group. In total, we know of close to 40 machines that have come out of this studio, covering everything from straightforward five-reel options to a variety of All Ways formats that do away with the typical “pay per line” action most players are accustomed to.

Many of these games feature a similar design. A static backdrop is placed behind the reels, designed to play up the theme of that particular slot as much as possible. The reels themselves feature defined symbol positions, with very little animation: at some point, the reels will stop spinning and the symbols will land into place, and any prizes will be awarded, with just a few little bits of movement on the winning symbols. Graphically, the games look fine enough, with lots of bright colors and thematic design, though the quality of the art is only about average by today’s standards.

A look at a few of these games should give you an idea of what this collection is all about. First up is Egyptian Dreams, one of the many, many slots on the Internet that use ancient Egypt as a theme. This five-reel, 40-line game features a lush background and a variety of classic thematic symbols: once you move beyond the basics of tens through aces, you’ll be looking to match Sphinxes, dogs, leopards, birds, riverboats, and more across your active paylines.

As usual, there’s a wild at play here: Cleopatra shows up to act as a substitute that can help make wins along with any of the normal symbols. However, what’s really interesting in this machine is that should a wild show up but fail to produce a winning spin, the wilds will stay in place and you’ll get an immediate free respin, something that eventually guarantees you to be a winner. In terms of more traditional bonuses, you’ll be able to trigger a free spins round if you can hit three coin symbols anywhere on the reels.

Another game that really dives into its theme is War Zone, a five-reel, 50-line slot that is completely about the modern day battlefield. With an image of soldiers in the middle of battle in the background, combat sounds occasionally heard during gameplay and between spins, and every kind of weapon imaginable on the reels, this is definitely a game that will appeal to certain players while entirely turning others off based solely on its theme.

Missiles, knives, grenades, jets, battleships, and more are all available on the screen for players to match left-to-right and earn cash. The actual gameplay is rather straightforward: there is a tank that acts as a wild substitute, and there are helicopters that can trigger a free spins round where you’ll get 10 free plays with double the normal payouts. However, there are no other bonuses, so this is definitely a choice for those who prefer classic, straightforward action to the more feature-filled slots that most companies are producing today.

One of our favorite games in the Probability library is Mayan Moola. This is yet another five-reel game with a classical layout, but this one offers players the chance to play up to 100 paylines on each and every spin. What’s really cool about the presentation here is that the icons are all made to look like pictographs, giving them a very traditional and thematic look.

Players are tasked with matching these various icons from left to right, and thankfully, they’re perfectly distinctive from one another: you’ll see coins, fish, dragons and cacti included among the normal prize winning options on the reels. When it comes to special features, there is again only one: hitting three or more calendars will earn you a ride into a free spins game, where you’ll get up to 10 additional plays where all of your winnings are doubled. There’s also the requisite wild: a Mayan warrior that can take the place of any normal icon in order to complete a prize-winning line.

These are just a few of the titles that Probability has developed for their clients, but they give a fairly good overview of what you can expect to see from the company overall. While the specifics of the games do vary a bit, the general principles of design tend to be rather consistent. They have a distinctive design and a fairly high level of quality: they don’t exactly stand out as the greatest Internet casino offerings we’ve ever seen, but they’re definitely worthy of inclusion at virtually any site. A few more of the titles we enjoy from this company include:

Probability is also known for their table game creations, which have been rolled out to a variety of casinos. Games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo and keno are available in both single-player and multi-player forms, and the company can also add in special features to give these titles a more customizable feel for various operators.

A Partner at a Value Price

One of the biggest benefits that this company can provide to their partners is the ability to act as an offshore development center. That appears to be the type of relationship they’ve nurtured with IGT; most Probability slots carry an IGT logo, for instance, with a smaller credit for the studio themselves.

You might be wondering why a more established creator would enter into such an arrangement. The obvious answer is cost: Probability says that they can produce games at a fraction of the price of a typical studio: about 25% of the average cost worldwide, to be exact. When you consider the high quality of these games and the varied expertise of the group’s development team – they are experts in both 2D and 3D art, not to mention HTML5, which means their games are usually available for mobile play – that’s a bargain that can be hard to pass up.

That partnership with IGT is one that also informs where this firm’s games tend to show up throughout the industry. They pretty much exclusively appear on sites in regulated jurisdictions alongside IGT titles – mainly in the UK, but also on at least one site that is available in Italy.

An Important Role in the Industry

Firms like Probability offer up a service that is highly valued in the gaming industry. There will always be call for jobs to be done at a discount without sacrificing much in the way of quality, and this is a company that can make that happen for other iGaming software providers. While you won’t find much in the way of innovation or breakthrough features that haven’t been seen before, the fact that these are solid games that fit pretty seamlessly into any collection makes them a worthwhile partner that could easily help bolster the offerings of many of the industry’s biggest names.

That, however, isn’t of all that much interest to players. When it comes to our readers, chances are you’ll never notice this company’s games at all – as we’ve already noted, most of them are offered under the name of IGT, and only the most astute individuals would notice the tiny little credit that flashes on the screen denoting these slots as coming out of the Probability studio. These aren’t games that you need to seek out – in fact, it would be difficult to do so even if you tried – but they’re probably ones you’ll appreciate having the option to play at any casino in which they appear.

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