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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Popular sports formats are forming an increasingly prevalent margin of the iGaming and online slots world. As developers’ technological capabilities continue to skyrocket, both as a result of progress in programming vs compatibility technology and the huge amount of revenue being made at present online, the quality of the sports titles on offer grows exponentially.

Billed as one of the very best of its kind in the time leading up to its release, courtesy of rising Austrian stars Rabcat, the paid or free FC Win2Day slot has been met with a great deal of attention this summer. Online casinos world-over have been clambering over one another in an effort to offer the game to their respective clientele in its full version glory.

Has this hype been worth unsettling ourselves over? Will the FC Win2Day video slot go down in iGaming history as one of the very best in a long line of sports-related titles that have repeatedly hit the mark and reset the limits of what is possible in this day and age? Well, all of this and more will be answered over the course of this review.

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Home Game Atmosphere

The production value of this fully mobile-optimised slot is immediately noticeable from the moment it loads up and fills your screen with its sharp graphics. These aren’t just any old graphics, but the kind of high spec 3D graphics that immediately settle a player into the overriding mood of a game and prepare them for play.

The interface itself evokes something akin to a full-scale computer game and the ease of navigation really opens things up to as wide as audience as possible. It’s a bright and cheerful game each and every single step of the way, with each individual game feature surely worthy of celebration in its own right. All in all, a very good start.

A Game of Two Halves

When it comes to the meat and potatoes of the game, it’s probably going to prove useful to anyone considering this game to know that this console packs a low-medium variance, making it perhaps that little bit more suited to players keen to take things at their own pace. Not to say that is necessarily a bad thing, as so much good work has been done around the way the slot is presented – from the load screen to the way the reels themselves look – that it’s a real joy to take things slowly here and build your fortune progressively. A rare treat nowadays, and certainly worth taking the time to enjoy as it was meant to be.

The games wild symbols are the corner flags and they act in the exact same way that you would expect – replacing various cards to form combinations and triggering various free spin rounds and bonuses as you go. Indeed, a very standard construction as far as the real nuts and bolts of the slot are concerned. Again, not really a bad thing – especially when you consider the progressive jackpot that looms above the interface. A meaty addition to be sure and something that is certainly worth waiting on line for.

Sizing Things Up

Whether we’re talking about real money online slots or free online slots, one thing is universally accurate. Namely, that every slot has its peers. A basis for comparison is not only inevitable, but very helpful. It can provide players with inspiration and insight into their next undertaking.

With this in mind, two slots that size up pretty closely with FC Win2Day are fellow Rabcat titles Grillsaison and Alles Walze. In fact, both are exact matches on everything bar the theme and universe they inhabit. Same number of paylines, same reel layout, same free spin limits (10) and same volatility. Needless to say, anyone who enjoyed the pace of either of these titles will find something to get on with here.

Full-Time Whistle

Once you get past this games rather clunky and uncool moniker, what you will find is a highly unique game that is among the best in its own genre. To say that it’s worth a shot for any fan of the beautiful game would be a gross understatement – the truth is that this is worth a shot for any player who enjoys modern slots that leave behind the more traditional elements (all bar the number of reels on offer!), favouring instead the fresh and the exciting.

FC Win2Day is one of the most ambitious slots to come around this year and deserves bountiful praise on this alone. The fact that is also looks great and performs like a dream is merely bonus material!