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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Magic Money is a witches and wizards-themed slot from Austrian developer Rabcat. Never heard of them? You wouldn’t be the only one. Rabcat have a surprisingly low profile, especially considering they were established way back in 2001 and have worked with major games companies such as Disney Interactive Studios, Microsoft and Blizzard.

You might expect a migger bigger portfolio from them, but the company is very keen on quality over quantity, so what they do have combines sleek graphics and innovative gameplay. Their Magic Money video slot might only be labelled as one of their ‘mini-games’ but it still delivers on both these promises.

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A Thing of Beauty

The first thing you’ll notice is that Magic Money looks great. The graphics are slick and beautifully done, starting with your classic gothic background complete with midnight sky and turret-laden castle. Your main character down the side is an attractive red-haired witch, complete with traditional black cat.

The animation really makes it here, the cat washes his paw, the stars twinkle, the witch shoots you a cheeky grin. It’s nicely done and very appealing. Yes, there may be plenty of witchy themed games out there, but not many have the polish of Magic Money by Rabcat.

Spells and Spins

Let’s talk gameplay. Rabcat have gone with a classic 5 x 3 board and 15 paylines on this game for major online casinos. You do have the option to change your paylines from 1 to 15 (though the choice seems fairly obvious here!). Magic Money does come in a variety of language options, but since it’s not hugely available you may end up with the original German language one.

For those even slightly familiar with online slots though then the options are easy enough to figure out. Once you’ve set your payline then your bet amount ranges from 0.05 to 1, with a quick click button to set your max bet which stands at 15 coins. Not exactly big money stakes, and this may put off some of the more serious gamblers.

Magic Money has a lot of different symbols which are all magically based with stunning detail and their own cute little animations. There’s plenty of animal companions, including crows and rats (even the rats in this are pretty cute) plus your standard witch essentials such as cauldrons and broomsticks. There’s a golden spellbook on the right hand side to open the paytable. The swirling blue potion bottle pays out an impressive 5,000 jackpot. This game does have wilds and you’re looking for the witch’s face to pop up, as she can be substituted for any other symbol. There’s also a golden euro symbol for the jackpot and if you’re lucky these payouts can be hefty.

The Witching Hour

If you’re waiting for a bonus game then you’ll be disappointed, but the free Magic Money slot does have some nice features that make up for it. Firstly, there’s the gamble option. You can use this every time you get a payout and it brings up a suitably witchy set of cards (hey, they’re purple, that’s witchy, right?).

You’re betting on red or black with an option to double your money if you guess correctly. Win and you have the choice to collect or keep going up to 5 cards, so if you get on a winning streak there’s the opportunity for a decent payout at the end of it. Free spins come up on a fairly regular basis, and have a black bird dropping something into a cauldron to generate a number.

Other Magical Games

There is also a Magic Money game from Novomatic (so at least you remember the name) to try. The graphics are a little more on the 2D and cartoony side but it gives it quite a quirky feel and the payouts are higher. If you’re struggling to find Magic Money then Rabcat have some more readily available options. In particular if you’re a fan of the magical theme then Dragon’s Myth is well worth checking out. The graphics are amazing, reminding you of a cross between Skyrim and How to Train your Dragon. Plus the gameplay is more involved than Magic Money and offers higher jackpots.

A Magical Conclusion

Magic Money is a gorgeous mobile-compatible game that will just draw you in. Yes, it may be trickier to find than some online slots but if you do have the option then it’s worth a play. The witches and wizard theme has been done a lot of times before by a lot of different developers, but Rabcat’s contribution has a quirky and slick style that makes it stand out. There are not the highest payouts, it’s true, but some decent are bonuses available for those who play for real money, while the gameplay and stunning animations make it worthwhile purelt to play for fun.