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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Do you remember sitting on your bed as a kid reading Sherlock Holmes? Were you just as excited when they made it into a Television series for us to watch as we were? Then in these recent years they even made movies out of these stories. If you are one of Sherlock Holmes’ number one fans, we’ve got news for you! Not only do we have the books, TV series and the films but now you can even enjoy this new and free Sherlock of London slot game software by Rabcat.

Don’t be afraid by the mention of slot game. This online slot is not after your money. If you’d like you can play for free. We do, however, recommend that the player does play for real money though to win those great payouts (we’ll describe them in detail later on in this review). The graphics are well-designed and creative. The language of the game is German but don’t let that scare you. It’s not difficult to understand what is going on without understanding German.

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We Love a Well-Designed Game

We love the fact that the designers and artists of this game went into great detail and care to design a game which is true to the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Apart from it being well-designed, it was also very accurate. This online game did not leave the main features of the game out of its design. We see everything you would expect to see, be it Big Ben, Baker Street, detectives or suspects (looking quite guilty, as a matter of fact).

Apart from that the symbols were ever so relevant to the theme of the game. We loved that they did also throw in some playing card symbols that we have grown accustomed to in other slot games. The main symbols we found in the game were of detectives, people of interest, and street signs (with 221B Baker Street on it). Each symbol was designed to fit into the game but also carry its own uniqueness.

Wild Cards and Free Games? Sign Me Up

What would a slot game be without amazing bonuses? We found ourselves impressed with the FREISPIELE symbols. The FREISPIELE word means Free games. See, you’re learning German already. This symbol gives the player free spins. All the player needs to do is land 3 or more of these symbols on screen and the game gives the player free spins. How many free spins you might ask? 12 free spins for landing 3, 25 for landing 4 and 50 for landing 5.

The wild symbol works as any typical wild symbol would work. It substitutes any other symbol on screen apart from the free games symbol. We felt that the bonus symbols enriched the gameplay and increased our chances in winning. Landing five wild symbols in a payline gives the player the highest payout which is 1000.00.

What Other Games Are in the Same League?

We thought that the free The Way of the Three Dragons slot game was a game that could be on the same level as the Sherlock of London slot game. The differences in these games are apparent straight away but the quality of the game graphic design of both games is top notch. Both games were creatively designed and the graphics were relevant to the theme.

Both games are free to play but if you want to play for real money, you need to bet some real cash. The min bet for The way of the three dragons is 0.30 and the max bet is 30.00. In the slot game, Sherlock of London, the min bet is 0.25 and the max bet is 25.00. Both games offer the player free spins and The way of three dragons offers the player 30 paylines and Sherlock of London offers the player 25 paylines. They are both similar in this aspect.

Sherlock of London has a gambling feature whereas The way of three dragons slot game did not have a gambling feature. The maximum jackpot in the former was considerably higher than The way of three dragons by at least 7 times over. The jackpot in Sherlock of London keeps growing considerably in time. We enjoyed both games and thought that they provided a fun away to reap some great payouts.

Play Again or Call It Quits?

We do believe that this free Sherlock of London slot game offers a great opportunity for those Sherlock Holmes fans to have some fun and make some money in one of the most enjoyable ways possible. The graphics found in this game were amazing and make the game a lot more enjoyable.

The bonuses such as the wild symbol and the free games symbol improved the player’s chances of winning great prizes or getting the jackpot prize. With a min bet of 0.25 and a max bet of 25, having 25 paylines, this game offers the player the choice to bet as much as they want. They can also play for free. There is no download needed to play.