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After much hard work and testing, Mr Gamez presents his top three selection of the best online casinos, just for you. These casinos are safe, secure and fair, Enjoy!

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Choosing what to Play

So you’ve browsed our finely-researched selection of reviewed and approved casinos, and you’ve found somewhere to play. That’s great. But what sort of game do you want to play? You can play almost any slot machine that you’d find in a normal casino, but there are also 3D slots, video slots, themed slots, and it can all seem a little confusing. Thankfully we’ve got sections of this site dedicated to each type of slots game, with detailed explanations, user guides and reviews to keep you informed and to ensure you are safe if deciding to play for money. For now, here’s a quick overview of the types of online slots you can play:

  • Themed slots – As the name suggests, these slots can include movie themes, TV shows and music themes.
  • Video slots – These are modern slot machines and can vary greatly in appearance to traditional slots.
  • 3D slots – Are an updated version of video slots with impressive 3D graphics.
  • Classic Slots – The traditional 3-reel and fruit machine slots.
  • High Limit Slots – For the high rollers.
  • Penny Slots – For the small stakes gamblers.
  • Progressive slots – Progressive jackpots just like in the casino.


Worried about Safety?

When you go to a real bricks and mortar casino you feel secure in the knowledge that if you win, you can collect your winnings at the end of night. You can also feel pretty assured that the house isn’t cheating you in any way. How can you be so sure with online casinos?

Well, the industry is improving but there are still rogues out there, and that’s why reputation is so important. The largest online casinos make such huge profits, that cheating or avoiding pay outs would simply make no business sense, nevermind risking their gaming licence.

However, there are some online casinos that haven’t been around long enough to build that reputation and these can still be completely trustworthy. That’s why websites like this are invaluable for you, and you should always check the reviews here before you play at any online casino. The chances are that one of your fellow slots players has been there before, and will be able to tell you what the service is like. Many new online slots games and casinos come with attractive bonuses, and they can be great to take advantage of…as long as you receive your winnings.

Get Playing Online for Bonuses

One of the great advantages of playing online is that it’s a competitive marketplace, and casinos are falling over themselves to offer you a variety of bonuses to play at their site. We keep track of the latest bonuses and detail all of the offers we find right here on this website. The types of bonuses casinos offer include:

  • Sign-up bonuses – These bonuses are offered to new customers when they sign up to a casino. It is a way to entice players to play at their site, but these offers give you an amount of real money to play with before you use your own cash and some don’t even require a deposit.
  • Basic Slots bonuses – These are random bonuses that casinos will offer from time to time and for limited periods. They may be to celebrate national holidays or significant dates, but will only last for a certain amount of time.
  • Reload slots bonuses – These are bonuses that will reload a player’s account to a percentage of the initial deposit. They are designed to keep you playing, but can be useful after a run of bad luck. They may also be offered to existing customers to entice them back to the site.
  • Referral slots bonuses – These are offered by several casinos for player’s who refer a friend to their site. If you happen to have friends who enjoy online slots, you can earn a bonus just through the recommendation scheme.

What about Mobiles?

Looking for a real money slots app to download on your mobile? You won’t be disappointed; we’ve got a section of the site devoted to the mobile slots games and apps, along with reviews and site ratings. Online slots are available for all types of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile, and provide a similar gaming experience to desktop computers with the added convenience.