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One of the primary goals for many when playing at online casinos as to enjoy a little bit of relaxation. There’s nothing like winning a little money on slots, table games, or a sports bet to pick up your mood after a long day at work, and in particular, playing games of chance for low stakes can be soothing in nature.

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Perhaps that’s the feeling that Relax Gaming wants its players to enjoy. Formed in 2010 after a meeting between two founders in Malta, this studio devoted itself to relying on strong technical skills to develop flexible, high-quality platforms for its clients. Since then, the company has attracted a staff of more than 70 customers, with offices in locations such as Tallinn (where their first studios were launched), Malta, Barcelona, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Today, this developer is best known for their platforms, including the Silver Bullet, which combines a casino package with poker, bingo, or anything else a client may want. That includes access to a wide range of titles from other providers, but also Relax’s own games, which include a fair number of slots that can be enjoyed at a variety of iGaming websites.

Relax Gaming Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Modern and Classic Slots Anchor Collection

Relax Gaming may primarily exist to offer up platforms on which operators can base entire casinos, but they’ve been known to make a game or two of their own as well. In fact, the company has a small collection of about 20 slot machines that have been created in HTML5, allowing them to be enjoyed both on desktop computers and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Impressively, this collection has continued to be updated over the years – something that not every platform provider will do on a regular basis.

These games vary in style, as well as in how widespread they are around the Internet. Many of these are quite attractive, featuring lush graphics and interesting themes that are modern and somewhat out of the ordinary, offering up a reason to play these titles even when they appear next to slots created by more heralded companies.

One excellent example is King Stones, a game that has a rather abstract theme. You’ll be matching geometric shapes against a stellar backdrop. The whole game has a very understated design: the screen is kept as clean as possible with very little text visible, and the symbols are clean and crisp, but feature few details. This is a game that strips the essence of slots right down to the basics.

The gameplay features a five-reel, 25-payline layout. Players are tasked with matching circles, triangles, squares, pentagons, and hexagons, each in a different color. Colored cubes can instead be matched for bigger prizes, while a glittering, multi-colored cubic symbol not only acts as a wild, but can also earn you the game’s largest prizes.

While there are no special features in this game, there are two things we found very attractive about this machine. First, there’s the fact that large symbols – covering a 2×2 or 3×3 grid of positions – will falls on the screen on each spin, covering at least a portion of the reels to make wins easier to achieve. Secondly, we also love the fact that Relax Gaming publishes the return to player on this game, and that it is so high for a slot machine – in this case, nearly 97%.

We often talk about classic themes when discussing slots, but what about games where classics are the theme? That’s the case in Moby Dick, a machine that is based on the acclaimed novel by Herman Melville. The game of seafaring adventure features a wood-carved style, giving this game a feel that seems appropriate for the time period (the mid-19th century) in which the tale was originally written. One cool visual touch is that even with the classic look, there’s still a moving ocean behind the reels, adding to the thematic feel.

This game is a five-reel, 20-payline machine in which players seek to match a variety of nautical themed icons. All wins require three in a row to earn cash, with anchors, barrels, captain’s logs, harpoons, wheels and just about anything else you might find on a whaling ship. All wins require three or more in a row, with longer combinations meaning bigger payouts. The biggest wins come from matching Captain Ahab himself, who appears stacked on the reels.

Wilds help spice things up by offering up both easier matches and bigger prizes. These symbols – flags – remain in place for two additional spins after the one in which you initially land them, making them temporarily sticky (you can even tell how long they’ve been stuck based on the condition of each flag). You’ll also want to be on the lookout for sightings of Moby Dick himself: the great whale can earn you up to 15 free spins if you can find three or more on a single spin.

These are just a couple of the better games in the Relax Gaming collection, but there are some other solid machines in this small library. A few other titles we’ve enjoyed include:

We’ve also played a few other games from Relax that don’t precisely fit into the category of slots, but are worth a mention. These games are best described as dice strategy games, and you’ve likely come across a few of them if you’ve played at enough casino sites. Basically, in these games – which have titles like Moody Fruits and Magical Dice – you’ll be given symbols that you can place on one of four 3×3 grids, one column of three at a time. If you can make three-of-a-kind matches, you’ll earn points. Collect enough points, and you’ll win prizes. How you place your symbols is critical, making this a game that combines skill and luck in equal amounts.

It’s worth noting that this developer has also been heavily involved in both the poker and bingo sectors as well. They are the company that is behind Unibet’s poker platform, one that offers up a simplified experience with plenty of fun options for recreational players. These two companies have also worked together to deliver a new bingo network – Relax Bingo – that has been in service since 2015.

Constant Upgrades Please Clients and Players Alike

While Relax Gaming has only been around for a handful of years, they’ve already done much to improve their offerings for their clients. This is particularly apparent in their dealings with Unibet, where they have already produced three generations of poker platforms, and two iterations of their bingo products.

But Unibet is hardly the only partner that Relax has worked with throughout the years. Groups like Genesis Gaming, NoLimit City, and Push Gaming have allowed the company to offer a wider variety of content on their own casino platform, Silver Bullet, broadening the appeal of their software.

Speaking of Silver Bullet, this is the company’s premier product, a full service white label gambling site that can offer up a full portfolio of games for any market. Not only can these sites launch with full mobile support, but they can also be integrated with any client technology the operator desires. Best of all, they’ve developed a reputation for doing this fast – they promise one month integration from start to finish, getting new operators up and running about as quickly as possible.

These efforts have started to gain the company some notice around the industry. Recently, Gaming Intelligence named Relax Gaming the 2016 Poker Supplier of the Year, beating out many much bigger names including Microgaming and Playtech thanks to their unique ability to grow a player base in a time when poker revenues are shrinking for most suppliers.

A Platform to Watch

Relax Gaming is definitely a company that serious players will want to pay attention to in the next few years. It has yet to become as big a player on the casino side as they are starting to be in the poker community, but the partnerships they have announced over the past year have really improved the content of their Silver Bullet platform, and we think that will lead to a wider adoption of the software, meaning more players will get to see it on sites in their jurisdictions.

When it comes to their games, we think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised. Granted, the Relax portfolio will probably never be enough to fully power a casino or satisfy players alone, at least not for a long time to come. But the games here are definitely worth giving a try, providing interesting themes and enough variety to be a worthy addition to any trusted casino site.