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Talk about saying what you see, or calling it as it is. is an online portal designed to let you do one thing, and if you can’t guess what that is then it’s probably best for you to stop reading this review now. Albeit the review itself isn’t going to be that intellectually challenging. But still, it’s pretty obvious why people would visit this website.

Put simply, Bingo! Everyone loves it, or at least most people do, but there are a million and one websites on the internet offering the ability to play for two fat ladies and legs eleven, so what makes this one so good, other than the fact it evidently takes its bingo pretty seriously given the name of the domain is, as we already said,

Let’s Start at the Start

Before we get into the nitty gritty, though, perhaps it’s best to start at the beginning, or at least on the homepage. Which is pretty nice, by all accounts. OK, so the design isn’t actually anything particularly innovative, in fact it’s relatively bog standard, but it’s also pleasingly uncluttered, making it very easy to find the information you want.

The top of the page is dominated by the company logo and brand name for the website, both of which are simple but effective and memorable. Below this you’ll see the menu options in a row – Home, Bingo, Games, Promotions, Jackpots, Help/FAQ – which if nothing else confirms that there is definitely more to this website than bingo alone.

Underneath that lot, you’ll see a slider image which advertises different types of games and promotions, but we can come to those later. Next to this there’s a link to sign up now, enough said about that, and then as you scroll down you’ll first see thumbnails for Live Bingo, Team Bingo, and the VIP Room; before coming to more thumbnails, which initially show you slots.

However, there is a tab system at the top of this area of the homepage that allows you to select Featured, Slots, Jackpot, or Table Games. So what? Well, so this is great because it means you can get a relatively accurate overview of what’s on offer in, which immediately makes us happier than we are about most sites simply because you don’t want to be clicking and clicking to try and ascertain if a casino or bingo website is actually worth signing up for, before you sign up for it. Well done, then, whoever built this one – you’ve managed not to piss us off within the first five minutes, which is more than most achieve, believe us.


First Deposit




What About the Next 10 Minutes?

A very good question we’re glad you asked, if only because it proves that you have been listening after all. So, let’s begin with the Bingo option on the top menu row. Click on this and you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to bingo options. These include Room 1 – ‘one of our 90 ball bingo rooms! Experience the traditional British style of bingo in Room 1 and take advantage of the prize pots on offer!’. Then there’s 75-Ball – ‘Our 75 Ball Bingo Room is open 9am – midnight everyday! So come along to play the everyone’s favourite pattern bingo!’. There’s also Bingo Studio Live – ‘Join our LIVE bingo presenters every night from 6pm until Midnight in our Bingo Studio Live room for the best online bingo around!’, and Speed Bingo – ‘If you feel the need for Speed then join us in our Speed Bingo Room!’. There’s also a Free Bingo Room (self explanatory), Big Link Bingo (‘where the prize pots get bigger throughout the day but the ticket price stays exactly the same! Tickets can be bought in advance too’), and the TGI £5K Room – ‘Take that Friday feeling to the max and play for an unbelievable £5,000 each and every Friday. The best bit? You can buy your tickets a week in advance so you’ll never have to miss out.’

So what does this tell us, other than the fact that whoever wrote the descriptions we have quoted above loves exclamation marks? Well, for starters there are seven different takes on bingo offered for players, which is massively improving on the standard offering. We’ve seen some that only offer three or four, so this is really scoring some serious points with us. Better yet, all variations are very playable and bang up to date in terms of mod cons and details – full marks.

The Bingo is Good… but the Rest?

If you click on the Games option on the menu tab then you’ll be taken to a different area of the site which is a bit like the bottom of the homepage, only with more detail. So, you’ll initially be given an overview of Featured Games, which are all slots. That’s just a small selection, though, as when you click on the Slots tab itself you’ll see there are lots, and lots, and lots more slots to pick from.

The next tab are the Jackpot games, and there are also Instant Win games to play too. These are pretty self-explanatory, but what’s interesting is the Table Games tab. Some websites might label this Casino Games, but we’re not too fussed. What’s important is the fact that there’s plenty to go at here, ranging from Roulette to Poker, and back to Blackjack. Far from just an oversight, you can’t help but feel that this is a great example of just how much other websites are missing a trick by not placing a decent amount of emphasis on their table game options. It’s also worth noting that the table games here are really quite advanced technically speaking – you don’t need to be an expert to play and enjoy, but in terms of how they play you won’t find much better anywhere else online. Very good work indeed.

100% Up to €50 Find an alternative

19 Offers on the Table

Wow is all we can say in terms of the number of Promotions on offer. Of course there’s a decent welcome bonus as is usually the case – in this instance that’s a 100% first deposit match up to the value of £50. Other than this, there are a further 19 – yes, 19! – offers on the table. These include the Deposit Booster, whereby you’ll get 50% of the value of your second deposit, which is yours to play with in the casino area of the site. There are also some seasonals on the table. When we tested it was just before Easter, so the Easter special basically was offering free spins during the holiday weekend.

To go through all the different promotions is obviously quite a long task as there are so many, but suffice to say that when faced with such a large number of them, and when there are such generous ones included in that large number, you can’t help but feel as though the vast majority of websites are really, really falling behind market leaders such as this. Yeah, that’s right, we said market leaders, which almost makes the next bit of this review redundant…

Up There with the Best

Let’s put it as simple as succinctly as we can. You will struggle to get more bang for your buck, and find any website – bingo or otherwise – which is this well designed and boasts so much to play. From great casino (or table) games, through to an overwhelming number of slots, seven individual bingo variations, and all those promotional offers, is up there with the very, very best.

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