Rival Gaming Online Slots

Have you ever gotten the feeling that every casino software developer is working from the same script? While the visuals might vary, games from different companies typically play the same way. Slots have the same kinds of layouts and bonuses, and there isn’t much room to innovate in table games or video poker.

But sometimes, a studio comes along that can surprise you. One of the more interesting online software providers in the market today, Rival has staked out a niche by creating some of the more unique slots in the Internet casino industry today. Launching in 2006, the company quickly became known for their i-Slots, a unique selection of machines that offer up some unusual interactive features. That, combined with the fact that they can offer a complete website solution for operators who want to build a new casino from scratch, has made Rival one of the more popular options for owners, particularly those who specialize in grey market jurisdictions.

Rival Gaming Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Unlike Anything You’ve Played Before

If you’ve never been to a Rival casino, then you may not understand why their games stand out from the crowd. While there are numerous titles here that all have their own charm, we’ll focus our attention on the i-Slots line, which is where this company truly made its mark. At first glance, the games in this collection are pretty much like any other slot machines. They tend to feature five reels, a moderate number of paylines, and some pretty standard themes, like sports, music, and animal-based games.

But once you jump into any of these titles, you’ll quickly see that appearances can be deceiving. Each of these games features a story of sorts, one that players can work their way through as they play, hit bonus features, or hit other milestones.

For example, take the As The Reels Turn series of games. These titles offer up a soap opera within the game, with scenes taking place that advance a story dramatic enough to take place on daytime television. We’re not going to claim that the writing here is brilliant, but combined with a solid slots foundation, it creates a totally different experience that is intriguing enough to keep you playing one game rather than jumping to a new machine. After all, it’s hard to drop a story before you know the ending.

Other games use the “story” element in different ways. Heavyweight Gold has you fight progressively more difficult opponents in the ring on the way to earning a boxing title, while Hole in Won has you play through the holes of a miniature golf course. In any of these cases, you’ll find that you’re almost as interested in seeing the ending as you are with claiming a huge prize. A few other famous i-Slots include:

It is important to remember that Rival does offer up a lot more than just their i-Slots, though. There are a surprising number of fun and innovative three-reel slots, such as Costume Party and Heroes’ Realm.  Jackpot games like Major Moolah and 1,000,000 Reels B.C. are also quite popular, thanks to their progressive payouts. Beyond slot machines, the pickings are a little slimmer, but certainly not bad. When it comes to table games, you’ll find a variety of popular classics like blackjack, craps, baccarat, and both American and European roulette. A few less common games are also included in the suite, like Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Red Dog, and Casino War. There are also seven video poker options, including the following:

A speciality games section includes a number of scratch card games, as well as keno and bingo. Of particular note is an original Sudoku game, one based on the popular number puzzle.

A Popular Choice

Most players who are familiar with the landscape of online gambling will have some experience with the name Rival. However, their software isn’t equally popular everywhere. In particular, you’ll find that this is one of the more common choices in unregulated “grey market” countries, where some other major developers who specialize in regulated markets don’t dare to tread. In particular, they are one of the few major developers who still provides games to the US market.

That might make this company sound a little shady, but that’s not our intention. This reputable and fair software platform is used by some of the biggest names in the online casino industry because it is trusted. Operators like Bodog, Bovada, and 888 are among the largest firms that have partnered with Rival, and the software can now be found at dozens of different trusted casino sites.

A Player-Friendly Innovator

If there’s one word we would use to describe Rival, it would be “innovative.” We can’t say that they are continuously breaking ground in the gaming world, because it has been a while since we’ve seen anything particularly special from them; however, the i-Slots line alone will ensure that they’re remembered for their creations for many years to come.

But beyond this signature series of games lies a solid collection that offers up enough to power any casino. While some larger development firms have larger portfolios, few players will be disappointed with what they get from a Rival-powered gambling site. This is especially true in the USA market, where good software options are few and far between.

To be sure, there are some less-than-honest sites that have used this software platform in the past – nothing that is the fault of Rival themselves, but rather an unfortunate reality of the gambling world in places where strong regulation doesn’t exist. That’s why we recommend only playing at sites we recommend (regardless of what software platforms you’re dealing with). As long as you stick with recommended and trustworthy operators, Rival offers up a fun, engaging experience that is different enough to provide a breath of fresh air even for veteran gamblers who think they’ve seen it all.