SA Gaming Online Slots

In recent years, Asia has emerged as one of the last remaining largely-untapped markets in gambling. That’s true both in the land-based industry, where casino developers have raced to get into markets like Korea and Japan, and online, where little regulation currently exists and operators have had to navigate a developing landscape. While many European and American operators certainly have tried to get into this part of the world, there have also been local companies that have stepped up to be formidable entries into the market as well.

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One of these regional providers is SA Gaming, a company that holds a license in the Philippines and has partnered with a number of the biggest operators in Asia. The studio has produced a wide variety of games that fit into a number of categories, including not only slots and also live dealer offerings and other types of gaming products. They have also become known for their services to the industry, offering up help with integration and operational management that has proven attractive to many up-and-coming operators in Asia.

SA Gaming Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Mix of Local Flavor and Sex Appeal

When it comes to traditional casino content, SA Gaming is primarily focused on the same area as many of their competitors: slot machines. They have put together a collection of more than 15 titles, with new ones being released regularly to expand on the current library.

What’s most impressive about these machines is just how much they look like true works of art. These are beautifully designed products, and though the actual style of the graphics and presentation can vary between different titles, each one definitely looks like a fully modern game with top-of-the-line artwork.

Where things get a little interesting is in the kinds of themes these games explore. First, some of them – quite naturally – are themed in ways that are traditionally Chinese or more broadly Asian. For instance, there is the game Ji Gong, which is said to be named after the minor diety “dubbed as the craziest monk in the history of China.” The machine has a gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic, with the reels being set against a backdrop of an ancient temple, with Ji Gong on screen at the same time. A delightful and engaging set of colors are used throughout the reels: golds, reds, and blues intermingle with the more natural setting that the game takes place in, and the artwork on the reels themselves is also highly stylized.

As for the action you’ll enjoy here, this is a 30-line, five-reel slot machine that has players matching a mix of thematic symbols and the lower value card ranks, ranging from nines up through aces. A “Bombing Reels” feature can really mix things up, taking winning combinations off the board after they pay and replacing those reels for free, giving you yet another chance to win. You might also enjoy the three progressive jackpots and a free games feature offers you the chance to earn up to 18 free spins with the symbol of your choice taking the place of all other high-value icons.

There’s a very different theme that pervades some of the games in this collection. SA Gaming refers to them as their “sexy model slot games,” and that’s perhaps about as good a description as we could come up with ourselves. With titles like Bikini Chaser, these are clearly machines designed to appeal to a certain segment of the slots-playing population, and are rather reminiscent of various types of Japanese anime themes.

The one we imagine will raise the most eyebrows is Innocent Classmates. Like so many anime series, this game is all about a handful of young schoolgirls in their completely innocent school uniforms. At times, the game even looks like a dating simulator, and the poses taken by the game’s main characters in their expanded wild versions are, well, perhaps not so innocent, if certainly not outright sexual.

Granted, the game itself is not so bad – it’s a 243 Ways machine, which is always a fun format to play with, and contains the same major, minor, and mini jackpots we saw in Ji Gong. There’s also a free spins game in which the full-reel expanding wilds show up, and the artwork of the game does really throw itself into the school theme – it’s just not one that will appeal to everyone, to say the least.

Other games do have a more generic theme, such as the five-reel, 30-line Fruit Poppers. This is probably the most universal title in the lineup, featuring a mix of card rank symbols, fruits, and bells, just as countless other games have before. Much like many of the other SA slots, this game features a free spins game in which you can choose from several options that offer different benefits, and has access to the same three progressive jackpots we’ve described above.

While these three games were the perfect way to introduce you to the overall portfolio on display here, we have to say that the entire collection is pretty remarkable, at least graphically. And the gameplay features, while not particularly innovative, are quite solid, making these games rather fun to play. A few other titles that we particularly enjoyed were:

As we’ve discussed, however, SA Gaming is about a lot more than slots. The company has also become known for their live dealer products, which have some of the more impressive user interfaces we’ve seen. There is a lot of information presented, but it is done in a way that manages not to make the screen feel particularly cluttered. A large video feed and interactive betting area are still available, but there are also many trackers and informational windows that players can pull up if they wish to use them.

Several different games are supported in this section of their software. There are several versions of baccarat available, as well as the traditional luck-based Dragon Tiger, the Chinese classic Fan Tan, the dice game Sic Bo, and worldwide favorites blackjack and roulette.

SA also provides some more offbeat options for their clients. One of their products is a proxy betting service designed to work with land-based casinos to allow them to offer off-site betting on table games actually taking place in their venues, including help with getting the live-streaming services necessary up and running in HD quality. They also offer lottery products, as well, with one ongoing drawing service offering up new numbers every hour for half of each day.

A Full Service Studio

While SA Gaming has put together an impressive and diverse portfolio of gaming products, they’re just as interested in being a service partner for their clients. The company boasts an API that helps integrate their games seamlessly into existing platforms, allowing their products to exist in casinos even when native support doesn’t exist. They can also help create a complete casino site from scratch, from a back office to banking services, customer service, and multi-currency support.

In recent years, the group has also found their way to some of the world’s biggest gaming trade shows. In 2016, they attended G2E Asia, the regional version of the Global Gaming Expo. An even bigger splash came in 2017, when the company debuted at ICE Totally Gaming, one of the world’s largest trade shows for the gaming industry, where they showed off their games to a global audience.

A Potential Powerhouse in Asia

SA Gaming has definitely come a long way in a short time, and that makes them one of the names we’ll be keeping a close eye on in the years to come. It is unclear whether they want to ever break out of the Asian market where they have made their name so far, but that’s fine: at the very least, they are poised to become one of the biggest suppliers to the emerging regional market, and as iGaming grows throughout the region, so will they.

This is mostly due to the great content that the company has already put out in the last few years. Their beautiful slots are among the best looking games we’ve seen, and might be the most polished machines we’ve seen from anyone in the Asian-facing sector of the industry. Throw in their live dealer offerings and their additional services, and you have a company that we not only think a lot of partners will want to work with, but also one that is an excellent choice for any players in the region who aren’t yet sure who deserves their gambling dollars.

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