Safest Online Casinos

Safety is the most important thing to consider when playing at online casinos: not progressive jackpots, VIP bonuses or whether the Customer Support staff said hello to you, but how safe are you, your money and your experience?

Gambling at casinos on the net is exciting and rewarding. You can win thousands, maybe millions, and deposit real money into a dedicated casino account. But without the proper safeguards, your money is no safer than if you put it under the mattress. And without proper testing, those slots and table games may not be totally fair for the player.

Why It's Important To Play Safe

Gambling online for real money requires trust on your part – trust in the casino. After all, you are entrusting your card details, your home address and your username and password. You are also trusting that the site’s software is legit and licensed, and that their games are fair.

Casinos go through various procedures to ensure a safe environment for their customers. Just as a land-based casino installs security measures to protect their players, so an online casino site will have measures to make sure you aren’t in danger.

Proper Security And Licensing

Luckily, you don’t need to look far to find evidence of a casino’s security measures. Most casinos proudly display their security certificates on their homepage (look for the logos at the bottom of the lobby). Casinos employ organisations like Thawte who provide websites with SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificates. These are designed to provide top-level encryption to protect players’ data and payment details from fraud and identity theft.

Gaming licenses are issued by respected jurisdictions around the world. They ensure that operators are adhering to a code of conduct in how they offer gambling to customers. Software has to be licensed as well before it’s made available to players. You can find a list of popular gaming licensing bodies at the bottom of the page. They all provide licenses to internet casino sites and regulate operations. Services include legislation, player protection, anti-money laundering practices, and game testing.

Under licenses, operators (“licensees”) must have enough money in reserve to pay out all winnings if it needs to. Sites are also managed from companies based in those jurisdictions. As well as the casinos themselves, slots and table game providers must be licensed. Look for reputable names with popular games. You’ll find a good selection within our top-rated casino sites.

Tested And Audited Payouts

Any casino gaining a license must have their software and games tested by an external body. Firms like iTech Labs, eCOGRA, and GLi Test Labs perform regular audits on casinos to ensure their operations are legit.

Games like slots and roulette are also tested externally before and after they reach the casino lobby. As games are governed by RNGs (Random Number Generators) it’s important that the software is regularly tested to ensure a totally fair and random game. That can include tests on slots algorithms, card shuffles or a spin of a roulette wheel.

10 Online Casino Dangers And 13 Ways To Avoid Them

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How To Enjoy Safe Online Banking

Real-money casinos are great for gambling some cash and winning a big prize. But if payouts are wrong, or the money goes missing, your experience will be ruined. The safest casinos ensure encrypted transactions when receiving and paying out money. Not only should casinos offer a good range of deposit methods and limits, but the transactions should be fast and accurate.

Most casinos will have a complaints procedure if you feel your payments are wrong or slow. Licensing bodies will also have procedures in place for gamblers who feel cheated.

Find The Best, Safest Casinos online

Whether you’re worried about random number generators, fast and accurate payouts, or whether your account is in danger of being hacked, we have a list of the safest casinos online. All of our picks have valid security measures and the best licenses to ensure a fair game.

Protecting yourself is key as well. Change your username and password regularly, and don’t save passwords on public machines or your smartphone. As long as you stay safe, you can be sure of a great online gambling experience.

Popular Online Gaming Licensing Jurisdictions:

Most countries in the world have their own local laws that deal with regulation when it comes to online gambling, and these laws can be completely different from location to location. So what’s legal in one country won’t necessarily be legal in another, and vice versa. That’s the reason why you should stick to a casino that holds one of the top level gambling licenses.

The following licenses are widely regarded as having the best customer protection and regulation and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be given a fair crack of whip when playing at a top rated casino that holds one or more of these licenses.

Isle of Man:

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