SkillOnNet Online Slots

You would be excused for thinking that a company named SkillOnNet specialized in, well, skill games. And to a certain extent, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong: the firm is known for offering up backgammon software to many sites that specialize in the game, one of the world’s most popular contests of skill (with a little luck thrown in).

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But this develop also does plenty of business in the casino industry, providing complete solutions for operators looking to build new sites from the ground up. Founded in 2005, the firm has never had the biggest selection of titles, but it remains one of the easiest ways for a new site to get up and running as quickly as possible. With a wide variety of games that are easy to play and mostly familiar to players, there’s nothing here that’s likely to surprise or blow away an experienced gambler, but it’s a solid package that can form a reasonable base for a good casino.

SkillOnNet Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

What Makes SkillOnNet Special

The SkillOnNet gaming suite begins with a small but varied collection of slot machines. There are about 30 machines in total, and while there’s nothing particularly outstanding to see here, the variety is sufficient to offer at least a couple different games that should appeal to almost any slots fan.

For instance, there are a number of rather standard five-reel games in the collection, though each tends to have at least one unique special feature or bonus around designed to set it apart from the rest. In the case of Ninja Master, for instance, players can win both left-to-right and right-to-left across the screen. Steam Punk, on the other hand, has a fairly normal free spins round, but it comes with huge multipliers than can grow as high as 50x.

Part of the collection here consists of older-style three-reel games, again with a pretty good variety of themes and styles. There’s Vegas 6000, which uses all of the classic symbols (fruits, bars, sevens) with a maximum prize of 6,000 credits. For those who enjoy chasing big prizes, there’s Millionaire Genie, which offers the largest progressive jackpot in the entire collection.

These are just a few of the more notable games in the slots lineup. For the most part, all of the machines are fairly routine: three or five reels, a small number of paylines (at least compared to the dozens and hundreds of lines that are now common on modern releases), and a pretty broad theme with some passable graphics to go with it. The quality of the presentation on these machines is generally average, though some of the newest releases do step it up a bit and are up there with some of the higher-end games on the Internet. A few of the other games worth taking a look at include:

The SkillOnNet casino platform offers a lot beyond just slots, however. There are about a dozen different games included in this part of their suite, though there’s a lot of overlap here: there are two versions of European roulette, for example, along with American and French variants of the game. Other options include baccarat, several types of blackjack, craps, and Pai Gow Poker. Each of these games comes with a pretty clean interface, one that is light on information but easy to use and read.

Next up is a surprisingly large collection of scratch cards. One of the particularly interesting thing here is the wide range of bet sizes players can choose from, with some of these tickets allowing bets of as much as €90. There are a lot of options with plenty of different themes, including Good Luck Duck, Lady Disco, and Triple Seven, a game that offers prizes worth millions of euros.

Finally, SkillOnNet also includes three unusual specialty games in their platform. One, the Big Wheel, is a casino classic, but the other two are a little quirky. There’s Doubles Heaven, a dice rolling game where players can win huge prizes by rolling the right doubles at the perfect moments. The other is Rollaball, a game where players need to complete lines of colored balls and can pay for nudges that improve their chances of scoring wins.

Advantages for Operators, Standard for Players

There’s really very little about the SkillOnNet collection for us to point out to players. You pretty much get what you see when you sign up for a site using this software: a decent series of games, but nothing as good as what you would find with one of the major studios that are better known throughout the industry.

That said, this firm does have a lot of advantages on the operator side, which helps explain why there are still a good number of websites out there that run on this platform. Many aspects of the software are highly customizable, allowing casino owners to cater to players in different languages and currencies throughout the world, and logos or site addresses can easily be added to give it a unique look. The company also provides service and support, something that can be an advantage for players as well: it’s nice to have an experienced team that knows how the software works if you run into any problems.

We should also note that SkillOnNet has continued to update their product over the years to keep it competitive. Today, their platform can be used in conjunction with other developers to create a larger casino site rather than relying on their games alone.

Solid Product, But Little Meaning for Players

Given that their games don’t particularly stand out from the pack, we don’t think players have to keep an eye out for the SkillOnNet name when looking for a good place to play on the Internet. That’s not a judgment on the stability of their software: it is a perfectly fine basis for a casino, and provides safe and fair gameplay. It’s just not anything that will tend to excite players.

If you’re not seeking them out, there’s a good chance you’ll never run into this software, as it is only used at around a couple dozen sites today. But if you do find a site you want to play at that runs on this platform, you can rest assured that you’ll be playing on a solid and secure interface that has served thousands of players over the past decade.

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