Random Wilds

What makes your face light up when spinning those reels? Wild symbols, of course! This feature has become extremely popular in the world of online slots. Let’s go back to basics. What is a Wild? The classic icon substitutes for regular symbols, in turn creating winning combinations all over the reels. Some even come with multipliers or big prizes to win.

To bring something new to the table, slot developers have given these Wilds a hell of an upgrade. Here’s where random Wilds come in; who wouldn’t love a surprise appearance to help form that winning combination? Random Wilds differ from your standard Wilds in the way that they pop up when you least expect it, adding a whole new level of excitement to the game. However, how often they appear varies from slot to slot.

How Random Wilds work

Although random Wilds work differently depending on the machine you are playing, they do tend to have some common attributes which set them apart from other special features. Just like your standard wilds, they can replace any normal symbol except for the Scatters to help, and in the process completing winning paylines wherever possible. Some Random Wilds even come with multipliers, meaning that any winnings earned from those symbols will be doubled, tripled or more!

The possible combinations with these Wilds are endless. As you can imagine, they really have an impact on gameplay. Sometimes one or more symbols may turn into Wilds, giving the player new prizes. Other times, whole reels may turn Wild awarding free spins.

True to their name, they appear at random, typically after a spin is completed. Depending on the slot and the developer, you can hit one random Wild every 100 spins, up to four Random Wilds quite regularly, or only find them during a Free Spins bonus feature. Something new can happen on any spin, or nothing at all as wins are not guaranteed. This makes this feature surprising, exciting and frustrating at the same time!

Where to play

Seeing as many top online slots take on this feature in one form or another, let’s take a look at some of the most popular games and see the different ways in which they put Random Wilds into effect/execute this winning feature.

Werewolf Wild from Aristocrat comes to mind as a slot which utilises this feature.  The game is set in the spooky old town of London and has some thrilling bonus features in the form of the Werewolf Contagious Wild. The Werewolf symbol is of course the Wild and the Scatter triggers bonus spins. The game features special Wilds which award prizes when they appear at the same time as a bonus Scatter. However, 1-4 Random Wilds will also appear on the reels and a werewolf claw swipes across to multiply winning combinations.

Another game brimming with bonus features is the anime-themed slot Koi Princess by NetEnt, which offers heaps of prizes and payouts. In this slot the scatter symbol is the princess herself and the Random Wild is an image of waves of water which will give you a free spin along with 4 to 9 overlay Wilds that are randomly replaced on the reels. The Wild Reels symbol is a sunset over water wherein the player receives 1 spin which ensures that 2 to 5 random reels are covered with only overlay Wild symbols. The final random feature awarded in the Bonus game will give you 1 spin offering 3 bonus symbols.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Random Wilds

Random Wilds are beneficial to the game as they build up anticipation and excitement in the player, as you know never when they might appear. On top of that, these unexpected winnings can seriously boost your bankroll. In this way, you are constantly engaged in every spin.

On the other hand, overuse of this feature can be detrimental to the game as the prime purpose of these bonuses is to appear randomly. It isn’t unlikely to play for a long time without triggering any random Wilds, the game should act as a stand-alone and be interesting enough to play without the help of these added prizes. In line with this thought, players might get bored easily if Random Wilds form part of the main bonus round. Sometimes too much of a good thing is bad and can affect the overall value of your wins, especially on a low variance slot!

That said, it’s best that you see for yourself what these wild prizes can do, as with all slot gaming features, everyone has their own personal preference!

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