Slot Types

The gaming world is filled with various different sub-genres of slot products, and it stands to reason that of them, there’ll be something intriguing enough to attract any person who has an interest in slots on the whole. Some of them cater quite conveniently to newcomers to the online gaming world, while others offer up a more advanced experience. With that being the case, gamers can’t go far wrong when opting to choose a slot game to play.

However, while it can be considered great to have so many different paths to take in a gaming genre, it’s not so fun when you have to figure out which ones do what, what’s included in each of them, and whether or not it’s suitable for you. The various slots types that are available can often be quite confusing, which is why it’s easy enough to work your way to the product or products that are better to suit your needs via our informative descriptions of such. Here, we touch on all the great features and methods of play that can be utilised in the various different types of slot games, enabling players to thoroughly decide on a course of action to take when it comes to picking the right slot product for them.

3 Reel Slots

Taking on inspiration from the traditional slot machines that have been found in land-based establishments for many years, these particular products offer up a simpler, but yet still entertaining game for players to participate in. While perhaps not quite as filled with extra features as their larger sibling, 3-reel slots are still widely appreciated in the online gaming world.

5 Reel Slots

Perhaps the most popular type of slot game that exists, 5-reel slots bring a whole host of intriguing and appealing features to the table. Alongside the fact that there’s two reels more than 3-reel games, these particular products tend to also incorporate various forms of special features into their game play, including such additions as wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds.

7 Reel Slots

While this particular variation on the slot game tends to be quite elusive, it presents up a slightly more complex sort of game play to users. Being able to craft a winning combination on reels that are seven wide could very much be considered appealing, although the fact that 7 Reel Slots aren’t so sought after speaks volumes about their popularity.

Classic Slot Machines

These games are as close as you can get with online gaming to playing the original land-based slot machines. Generally always including the traditional fruit icons on their reels, classic slot machines offer up a look back into the past of how products like this were originally played in their physical machine cabinets.

3D Slots

Taking both the five and three reel slot games as their base, 3D imagery has been injected into both of these particular sub genres in order to bring forth a further sub genre of its own, known as 3D Slots. While these products aren’t as vast as the selection of standard 5 and 3-reel products are, they do provide a gaming experience that is a cut above many of the others.

Virtual Reality Slots

Getting ready to make its mark as the next big slots game movement, virtual reality slots provide users with a whole new experience, the likes of which has never been seen before in the industry. Offering up games to immerse yourself in thoroughly, it’s only a matter of time before this sub genre of slot games makes a running leap towards being the most popular of its kind.

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