SoftSwiss Online Slots

Today, most online casino software providers offer not only individual games that operators can license from them, but also platforms that are designed to potential host even more options for players. That has led to a proliferation of sites that feature games from a wide number of developers rather than just the package delivered by a single provider.

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One of the best examples of this is SoftSwiss. Founded in 2008, this Austrian company has worked to develop partnerships with many great software providers, allowing their platform to instantly deliver hundreds of games to new site owners who quickly want to get their operations up and running. They are also one of the biggest developers in the space of Bitcoin casinos, making them a popular framework for anyone who wants to run a site where the cryptocurrency is the main banking method.

SoftSwiss Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Solid Base Collection

Before we start talking about just how much Softswiss gives its clients access to, however, it’s good to start with the basic part of their offerings: the games they have created themselves. It’s not at all a large set of games, but it has enough options to serve in a pinch – and as we’ve already said, it is typically augmented by a series of products from other providers.

First up is a collection of about 15 slot machines. This is one of the smaller totals we’ve seen from any studio, and these are hardly outstanding or award-winning titles. But they are solid enough games that plenty of players still find fun. For instance, take the game Desert Treasure. This is a five-reel, nine-payline gamewhere players are set to matching a number of Arabic and Arabian symbols and thematic elements like lamps and scimitars. There aren’t any particularly interesting features, other than a free spins bonus round that takes place if you hit three or more Princes anywhere on the reels.

Most of the slots from Softswiss are like this: very basic, the kinds of titles you would expect to have seen as commonplace a decade or more ago. They pale in comparison to the types of games that are being produced by software providers in the modern era, but there’s nothing offensive bad about them – it’s just that few players, if any, are going to pick a site just because these machines are a part of the lineup there. Some of the other titles include:

Other parts of the Softswiss collection may be a bit more interesting to players. When it comes to table games, there is a small collection of fairly basic but competently produced selections that provide most of the options you’d find in a brick-and-mortar resort. Some of the games you’ll find included are:

In addition, there are a couple of video poker machines: the all-time classic known as Jacks or Better, along with another machine known as Wild Texas. Finally, there is a virtual horse racing game that is perhaps the most unique and prized addition that this company can offer to any site. Known as Royalty Derby, this fixed-odds product lets you bet on simulated races with eight horses and lets you make win, place, or show bets.

Partnerships, Flexibility Bring Huge Benefits

While the package we described above might not seem like much to get excited about, the real genius of Softswiss is how easy it is to integrate games from other providers into their backend system. That means that when an operator signs on with this company, they also get access to a lot more content, enough to make a site that will satisfy even the most demanding gamblers.

In total, there are seven providers who have licensed their games out to SoftSwiss. Some of these are among the biggest names in the industry. For instance, an operator can include the 3D slots line from Betsoft, or all of the dynamic, exciting games produced by NetEnt. You can even get to a large selection of content from Microgaming through the Quickfire platform, which hosts over 400 of the gaming giant’s most popular games. Other companies that can be included on a site powered by this software include:

All told, there are more than 1,000 games of various types and styles that can potentially be added to an Internet casino running on this platform. But the versatility of this system goes well beyond the number of titles you’ll see on these sites. There are also several different styles of casinos that can be developed through this package, depending on what operators are trying to accomplish.

The simplest version is what they call the turnkey solution, in which a client gets all the software they need, support and backend systems, as well as help in dealing with legal and licensing issues. Alternatively, the company can also provide a “White Label” solution, in which case the site owner operates under a gaming license that is held by SoftSwiss itself.

Perhaps the most fascinating option, however, is the Bitcoin solution. This offers a somewhat limited selection of games (the company claims around 350 at the moment), but includes full support for making deposits, withdrawals, and playing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This has been a quickly growing segment of the online gambling world, and similarly, this has become a popular reason for using this platform to build gambling sites.

A Versatile Solution for Operators

SoftSwiss is never likely to become a name that is synonymous with the world’s best slots. The focus of this company has never been on its games, but rather on the complete package it can offer to anyone who wants to start up a new site. And thanks to the huge number of games from other providers they can draw on, it hardly matters that their own native collection isn’t quite up to par when compared to most of their competition.

As we’ve already said, perhaps the biggest benefit here for players and owners alike is the Bitcoin integration. Many players are now looking for places to wager using cryptocurrencies without having to convert it into dollars, pounds, or other fiat currencies, and this is one of the most trusted systems for allowing that. If you’re looking for sites that can provide plenty of games along with cutting edge banking methods, then this is the software for you.