Spieldev Online Slots

Historically, South America hasn’t been seen as one of the hotbeds of the iGaming industry. That reputation isn’t difficult to understand: the continent doesn’t have the pure revenue potential of North America, the strong regulatory frameworks of Europe, or the explosive growth of Asia. But there are still millions of players in Brazil, Argentina, and other nations in the region who love online gambling.

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That means that there are a growing number of software providers in these countries designed to serve players both locally and abroad, many of whom are producing excellent slots and other games. One of the latest is Spieldev, a small developer based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2016, this small team of developers has begun to create a unique set of slot machines, each one designed to appeal to a different type of gambler.

These games feature outstanding graphics and engaging gameplay, in keeping with the company’s ethos of finding a “special something” in every slot they create. While they’ve so far only released a couple of titles, they have several more in the pipeline. And thanks to a new distribution deal with a well-known platform, these creations can now be enjoyed by many players in jurisdictions throughout the world.

Spieldev Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Bold Collection of Games

In their first year in the industry, Spieldev has released just two slot machines for the iGaming industry, which definitely puts them on the smaller side when it comes to developers. So far, they’ve been focused entirely on slots: the company has yet to branch out into other games or work on developing their own distribution platform. This isn’t likely to change anytime soon, as their website shows several future projects that their studio is working on, all of which are slots as well.

Even from a first glance at their two initial creations, however, it’s easy to say that Spieldev has put a premium on ensuring that their games look as good as they possibly can. Very few firms put nearly as much detail into graphics as can be seen in these products. Players will enjoy highly-detailed artwork from the symbols on the reels to finely-crafted backgrounds that provide a strong atmosphere for each machine. Throw in bright, vibrant colors, a clean and intuitive user interface, and smooth animations, and you have games that come to life and stand in stark contrast to the very static products we see from less-talented teams.

Cracking the Code

With only two games in their portfolio at this time, it’s easy to give a complete rundown of the Spieldev library. Their first game is known as Codex Jackpot, a five-reel, 20-payline slot that derives its flavor from the kinds of mysterious puzzle devices seen in books and movies like The Da Vinci Code. Filled with turning gears and a unique spinning mechanism that makes each symbol position feel like its own reel, this is a very thematic creation that has a lot of moving parts to keep you entertained and engaged during every spin.

The gameplay is a little less innovative, but there are still some interesting touches that will keep you interested throughout your play session. While the basic symbols are the card ranks from tens up through aces, bigger prizes are attached to “invention” symbols, each of which has a different mysterious icon. Even different inventions can combine to create prizes that come with multipliers as high as 6x.

Players can also enjoy a number of more common features that have been included in this machine, such as stacked wilds and a free spins bonus that can award players the chance to profit from a dozen free games. Another special feature sees players trying to find the secret combination that will open a codex and earn prizes, while a random mystery progressive jackpot means that any spin can instantly result in a massive payout.

Back to Basics

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, Spieldev has you covered with Fruity 7, a game that combines the theming of classic fruit slots with a fresh, modern look that we believe will become the hallmark of this provider. The choice of having the game take place against the backdrop of the sky – complete with clouds and a stars and moon background during the free games feature, which takes place at night – is a bit odd, but it adds a beautiful, expansive look to the reels. Once again, the symbols themselves are bright and bold, illustrating a variety of traditional slots icons in a very dynamic and detailed style.

The vibrant symbols on this five-reel, 25-payline game include a number of fruits, including lemons, cherries, pineapples, and oranges, along with other classics such as sevens, bells, and stars. A nudge feature exists that will sometimes take near misses and turn them into big wins, while stacked wilds give players the opportunity to make a number of different winning paylines at the same time. Large “mega symbols” can also appear that cover 2×2 or even 3×3 blocks of positions, with a Mega Juicy Spins feature in the free spins bonus round locking a 3×3 block in the center of the screen until the player scores a win.

These two games are the only two releases that Spieldev has officially announced so far, but they have also given some brief previews of the ideas that are coming down the pipeline. As of summer 2017, the company lists the following titles as coming soon:

  • Quake
  • Spin Island
  • Robin in the Woods
  • Make a Wish
  • Patagonia

A Powerful Distribution Partnership

If you’re going to produce only a small, narrowly-focused collection of games, chances are that you won’t be able to stand on your own in the iGaming industry. Spieldev has recognized this, partnering with Leander Games to ensure that their titles have a chance to get out to players around the world. Leander works with some of the largest names in the business, providing slots and other games that are integrated into their own remote gaming server known as “LeGa.” They also work to put their products on even larger distribution networks like OpenBet and Quickfire. The result is that while Spieldev may just be getting started in the business, they’ve already secured a foothold in many of the top online gambling sites in the world.

That said, the company is still a bit under the radar in the industry as a whole. As far as we can tell, the group has yet to make an appearance at any major trade shows, though that’s hardly surprising given their size and relatively recent entry into the iGaming world. Similarly, they haven’t been nominated for any awards just yet, though if their games start to get more attention, we expect that they’ll start to garner a lot more buzz for their high-quality creations.

One of the things we really like about this developer is the fact that they’ve made all of their products with mobile users in mind. Their titles play well on computers, tablets, and phones, with players being able to play them in both landscape and portrait modes. In fact, the alternative portrait versions take advantage of the extra screen space by adding a paytable right above the reels that players can view while they play.

Quality, Not Quantity

We haven’t seen very much from Spieldev just yet, but what we have taken a look at is highly impressive. Very few new developers manage to put together games that have the kind of quality presentations that this group has shown, and those that do rarely manage to put that graphical expertise together with the kind of gameplay depth that will keep players entertained for more than a few spins. It’s a rare and winning combination that will set this studio up for success in the future.

Of course, we’ll need to see more from this company in order to be sure they can keep up this level of quality as they begin to produce more games in the years to come. But if they do, we expect that Spieldev will begin to become a name that both operators and players become familiar with for all the right reasons, as this is one provider that has definitely gotten off on the right foot.